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We Have Babies!!!

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I just got home from work and went to open the door so Angel could come out and I didn't see her anywhere so I looked in the closet and she was in the box I fixed for her. She has had 2 and one was coming out. I don't want to hover over her and watch. She seams to be doing what she is suppose to be, cleaning and everything. How will I know when she is finished? And also should I put clean bedding down after she finishes?

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Congrats on being a Grand-meow-ma!
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I would wait intill you know she is done and then change the
bedding. Con'ts!
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I just went back and checked on her and apparently that wasn't another kitten coming, maybe it was the placenta from the last one. She still looks big and hard so I'm thinking maybe 1-2 more. She is just a purring also. So far one is white and one is dark tabby looking. They are still kinda wet looking so hard to tell. I don't want to touch them to much right now anyways.

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Keep us posted! Best of luck to Angel and her little angels
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Here is a picture of Angel and just the two she has had so far.
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Wow those are HUGE kittens! I would be surprised if she had any more.
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Just keep a close eye on her, although those are big babies, there may be more. They can actually go 4- 6 hours before passing another kitten! Watch her to see if you see her pushing and straining with no kitten resulting.If you see that- then call your vet IMMEDIATELY!

You might just give the office a call and let them know a new family is in town and set up an appointment for tomorrow sometime so the vet can see the family for himself.

Congrats and thank you for not interfering with her to the point that she is more stressed than she already is. The purring is a reaction to the pain of the labor, as well as her way of guiding the kittens to find her right away- they follow her vibrations and then scent her nipple marking one as theirs.

It did my heart good to read this post! Congrats again! Also I would put a blanket over the top of the box. If she is in the closet- drape the blanket up over the clothes pole over head, and make a warm snug type teepee for her and the kits-
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Thank you Hissy for the compliment. She has had another one and I think maybe 1-2 more. I know I feel one but thinking there is one in the canal also ready to make it's appearance. The third one is a lot smaller and more like a dark grey color. My neighbor across the street has been over looking, she breeds Shih Tzu puppies and had never seen kittens being born so she got to wittnes the dark grey one being born and Angel had no problem with it. So far it looks like it has been about every 30-45 minutes. How will I know when she is finished?

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Congratulations!! Glad she and the kittens are doing o.k. You'll have to post some more pics when they are all here!
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Well- that is the tough question- after each kitten there should be a placenta expelled- but the actual labor can last 24 hours, so keep your eye on her and if you as I said you see her straining and straining, and no kitten CALL VET- if you see blood, or yellow discharge CALL VET- some blood is normal as the placenta is expelled. She sounds like a good mom and you sound like a great kitty mom!
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Hello and Congratulations,
Well I guess we were pretty close with Patches and Angel being 1 day apart. I myself wondered how I would know when she was done, but she took care of that for me, after her fifth kitten Patches quit her panting and even her eyes looked more relaxed, then she settled down and started her nursing in earnest, it was kinda like an unspoken O.K. mommy I'm done. I did watch her for the next several hours. The picture of the kittys and mom is adorable.
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Oops I almost forgot. Thank you so much for taking the time to post to the thread I started yesterday about Patches.
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awww they are BIG! My white kitty snowwhite had three babies. I kinda new she was going to have three. I kept telling my husband it looked like there was two on oneside and one on the other side inside of her. Nimbus is the biggest and he was born first, stormy is the middle sized and she was born second, blizzy is the littlest and she was born last! She had all of her between 11:30pm at night and 6:30 am in the morning!
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Sorry it's been so long since I posted but I had to take my daughter to dance.

She still has only had 3 kittens and she has never panted, it looks like an "easy" birth to me....not once has she panted, meowed or anything. She is all curled up with the three kitties and letting them nurse. Should I go ahead and bring her some "good" food now?

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Give her just a very small amount and put some water in it, making a type of gruel for her, she is likely very thirsty right now. But don't force her to eat.
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I took some can and dry food in to her and she gobbled it down. I offered her some water but she would not drink any. There is a water bowl full in the room for her. Looks like we may only have 3 babies which is fine with me. All three are so different. I think she just needs her rest now and tonight.

Tomorrow when I get home from work I will change out her bedding. Do you think that is too long to wait to change it? I'm afraid if I mess with it too much right now she might move them and I don't want her to do that.

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I would change it out, you can do it very carefully and try not to disturb her that much. Be careful reaching for the kittens, because they will mew and she might bite. But she needs to be on dry bedding tonight, as do her babies. They need to be kept warm as well.
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Ok, going to do that now....thanks!!!! After I am going to wind down and go to bed soon. I will talk with ya'll tomorrow.....thanks for all the advise!

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Ohhh how sweet!! Congrats to you and your new babies!!
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Awww : I'm glad her delivery went without any problems. And the babies are so cute! I'd love to see more pictures of all three of them, plus mom.
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They are adorable and Im happy for u and the mother both!!
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Babies, babies, all these babies! So much cuteness can we stand it? (Oh I think so!)

Congratulations Cathy!

They are gorgeous and they ARE HUGE, poor mummy, imagine the relative size of a human baby if it was that big!! OUch!! LOL

So glad they're all doing well!! More pics please!!
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Thanks everybody for all the well wishes. Okay, well we only have a total of three babies. They are not that big to me, do you think the camera add's a couple of pounds to them like it does us? Angel is not a big cat either, she is very petite. She has been such a great Mom and I am so proud of her. Here is picture of her little family.

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Congratulations!! They and the Mom are beautiful!! You will have to keep us updated with pics!!
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What a beautiful little family! I'm so glad everything went so smoothly. Looks like 3 heathy and happy babies. And one very proud Mama!
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Congratulations on your new family members! They are all very beautyful!
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awwww the one with the black dot looks just like my stormy her dot is going away though More pics!!
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Such a sweet family. Congratulations.
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Wow! Purrfect family! I hope all goes well and such gorgeous cats especially the Mummy!
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