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Nueterd male cale peeing on things..

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First off, I want to say I read the other thread with a similar title but my problem is a little different so I thought it was worthy of another thread...

So I have had Johan for about 4 years, he was about 4 months old when I got him. He's a great cat...but has had a peeing problem a few different times now. The first time he started peeing/spraying was when my girlfriend brought her female cat over (which had not been spayed yet because she was young), which ended up staying for around a month because the cats became such good friends. I noticed that one of them was peeing on piles of dirty clothes in my laundry room, which was near their litter boxes. Then I caught my cat (the male) doing it one day and realized it was him. At first I thought maybe it was just because the female cat had been using his litter box and didn't like it or something. Then I realized he was still using his litter box to poop in but not for peeing. He would just do that on clothes, and then when I moved the clothes, he would go pee on the carpet. So for a while I was just cleaning it up all the time and it was getting really old.

Then the female started to go into heat, and my cat would dry hump her. They started doing that all the time, and as I'm sure most of you know, that is one of the most annoying things ever. So I told my girlfriend she had to take her cat back, and as soon as she left he started peeing in his litter box again.

I then moved in with a couple girls I know, who each had 2 cats. All these cats were older and had been spayed/neutered and he had no pee problems while I was there. He's been around a total of 7 different cats over the last few years, and the only time he had the peeing issue was around the cat that was not yet spayed. So obviously it has something to do that.

Well now I moved into a house which doesn't allow cats, so my girlfriend said she would take care of him. Well she has still not got her cat spayed (don't ask me why) and my cat is peeing all over her apartment. Not only is he peeing, but he's actually spraying. As I understand, he's not supposed to be able to spray after being fixed.?

He's always "fake sprayed" where he'll go up to something and aim his butt towards it and shake his tail like he's spraying, but nothing has ever come out that I've seen. It started with him going into his litter box like he was going to pee, but he just stood striaght up and sprayed out of the litter box. So she had been cleaning that up over the last couple days. But now he has started spraying all over her apartment, on the couch, clothes, wherever. She will not be able to keep him understandably if he keeps doing this. So what do I need to do to get him to stop?

I'm guessing I should do what was recommended in the other thread, and go around and clean everything with enzyme cleaner...although I'm not sure what to do about stuff like the couch. Maybe use the cat attract litter? I've always used fresh step which he normally doesn't have a problem with. Any other suggestions are much appreciated...thanks!
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Just wanted to also mention that the day I when I brought him to my girlfriends house for the first time, he freaked out when I left and proceeded to puke about 5 times over the next few hours. I know he missed me....so I don't know if he got sick because he got so stressed out about me bringing him there and leaving him. But I am just wondering if maybe he's doing it because he's stressed or something like that. I really have no idea so I just wanted to give as much info as I could so I can get this figured out.
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He's spraying because your girlfriend's female is unspayed. If she gets her fixed ASAP, he *might* stop spraying. Neutered or not, though - he's not going to stop spraying if there's an unspayed female around.
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Yes, you can use an enzyme cleaner on the couch. But she needs to get her cat spayed ASAP. If she won't do it, perhaps offer to make the arrangements?
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From what I understand, if it is the unspayed female and the situation does not change, the problem peeing/spraying could be MUCH more difficult to correct.

Stress could be a contributing factor also.

Quality enzyme cleaners are a must. A black light will show the urine spots. I have been there and it's stressful for humans and cats. Best of luck to you.
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