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coyote urine - will it work too well?

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My neighbors want to use coyote urine (based on my suggestion) HOWEVER now Im rethinking that statement.

Will this work so well that the cats will take off completely?? OR will they just avoid the area where it is used (flowerbeds etc)

As ive posted before they do cross the street - I dont want this to be a situation where they dont come back over at all.

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According to the "critter-b-gone" (which is coyote urine granules) that I purchased to get rid of moles (which didn't work) the stuff is not supposed to be used around where pets may be. I assumed this meant because it can be toxic to cats and dogs.
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I have used it when we had deer problem.
It didn't work that good. Maybe I was not spraying enough.
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With deer you're supposed to use human male urine Apparently it works very well!

What about using an attractant instead of a deterant? Like planting catnip? (caution: catnip does attract skunks).

My father's neighbours have an issue because one of my dad's cats likes to go into their house & beat up their cats & eat their cat food, oh binx! My dad bought them a squirt gun, that has worked the best.

It is very difficult to keep cats from wandering across roads.
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Is this back to the problem of the cats hanging out in the yard with the tall grass?

I think I've heard that scattering moth balls will work to help keep the cats out. But if they don't like going in the yard because of whatever deterrant is used... I'm not sure I get the concern about the cats coming back. ? You mean to where you feed them? The food will bring them back! But planting catnip in the woods isn't a bad idea. Not the ideal season, right now, perhaps, but... ????????????
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Planting catnip sounds like a good idea actually.

The problem is the tenants in my condo complex. We had our annual meeting yesterday and several complaints were made about the cats in the front yards and on cars.

I had told the condo secretary awhile ago that coyote urine worked. But like I said once she started telling tenants about it I thought.... "oh no". I dont want them going overboard with its use and scaring these cats away.

The front yards are near the road which they cross sometimes anyway - so if this urine is used by just anyone - spread wherever THEY want - then depending on its strength I am worried that the cats will cross the street and stay there.

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Oh that's a bummer. It would have been nice of the condo association - considering all you've done for the cats at your own time and expense - to purchase what you need and let you put it out.

Well - hopefully it won't work! And depending upon who uses it and where... hopefully the kitties will find another way to the food. That they want, and if they know it's there, they'll get to it.
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