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Rubbing face on EVERYTHING

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I've got a 3 year old (approx.) cat, Miss Kitty. I found her as a stray about 5 months ago with a broken hip. I got her all fixed up at the vet, and I was not going to keep her...but well...she's still with me and i cant give her up.

Anyway....all day she walks around the house rubbing her lips on everything. I know that this is how they leave their scent on things, but she does it to the same things over and over everyday. doorways, bike pedals, tables, speakers, you name it.

I'm just wondering why she continually does this? I should also mention that I have another 2 year old male in the house. She is much bigger than him, but I cannot tell which one is the dominant one. The male, Spike was in the house way before she was, so to him...its HIS house. Any ideas? thanks.
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This is very normal behavior. She is simply letting everyone know that she has been by. This is friendly scent marking. She does this daily so that the scent will stay fresh. It is not a dominance behavior, she is just saying "Howdy, I've been here!"
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I love the way they do this. I have my cats at work from time to time, and a customer who obviously knew cats was laughing too. "This chair is mine, oh, and this table is mine, see this corner, its mine too. And that counter, mine, all mine, and this person, she really is mine." The customer was talking to him, all the time he was doing it, oh, is that your table, what a lovely table. And that chair too? I didn't know cats had nice chairs?
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When Snowball's companion cat of 10 years, Midnight, was alive we saw a lot of this behavior at my house too. Snowball even had to examine and scent mark our hands every day before we were permitted to pet him!
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Normal.....some cats do it more than others ...she probably wants ya to brush her teeth for her...LOL. They are just marking to let other know they were there......just be glad that she is not pissing in these areas instead.
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