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Another my Cat is peeing outside the box - (Katina128 -I am with you)

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I just read all of Katina128's thread and that is my life with my cat...

I can understand why Katina is at her wits end with her cat Smokey. I am there as well however, the TERROR CAT stuck in a TIGER Suit is not going anywhere!

Ok, so Milo the tiger cat has recently taken to peeing on things. Mainly things that people bring into the house from someone elses house, my horses clothing is a good thing for Milo to pee on. He has peed on the couch covers, the bed, clothes, seems like everything but the actual floor.

I tried Feliway's and they do not work, I tried cat calming sprays, and NO Mark and he still does it. He is healthy, he is 2 years old, he's been with us since he was a baby.

My situation gets more like Katina128 because I have 3 other cats (black and whites) they were all tested for Fel Luk when they were babies. At 3.5 years later (they were here before Milo came into the household) my baby Leo Gump was sick, turned out he was positive for Leukemia. Leo was Milo's playmate. The other two are girls and never took to Milo but were civil.

Leo got VERY sick quick and passed away very soon after his diagnosis. After Leo passed I realized that he was the Alpha cat of my house (never knew it, he was a real lover baby boy) but he was. Once passed Milo took over that role. He was getting along great with Fluf and Spookahontas but he was depressed too.

With the girls not playing with him I decided to rescue another cat. Then came Ranger. He is a "nancy" boy but is a fun playmate for Milo. Then Milo starting peeing on things! He is MEAN to my girl cats. There is a constant fight in the house with flying fur balls. It is usually between Fluf and Milo. Ranger is just there really. He bothers no one.

I call it STRESS!

Your cat may know you are pregnant, (Katina128) you have other kids, dogs, cats, it just may too much for Smokey. I tried other boxes in other places, different litter. But what do you/I do? I LOVE Milo and made a commitment to him the day he came into our house.

I am just constantly cleaning up after him, never leaving anything out in the open, on the floor. I do not allow anyone to leave their clothes at my house (different smells are a big trigger for Milo) He peed on my husbands gym bag too. My husband is like yours. He likes the cats but I am the Mommy 24/7 for them and I am ok with that.

I do not know what to do next either. I am trying to fiigure out his thinking. I give all my cats the same love and attention. Heck, if I have to go somewhere straight from work I will go out of my way to go home to be with them for a while before I go to where I was suppose to be.

Milo will not, never has eaten wet food. I give free dry all day, clean water constantly.

Do you think he knows the others *could* be sick too? After Leo passed I could not have Milo or the 2 girls tested, not for financial issues but just because I am afraid to hear if they are sick with Leukemia. Loosing Leo was loosing a huge piece of my heart I miss him so much still (passed 3/14/09)

So I just had them get their shot and booster and that was it. I brought Ranger into the house who is negative and had him shotted and boosted as well but at some point they could all have it.

Any advice? Or do I just chalk it up to Milo is depressed and misses Leo still, Ranger is a find friend but not the same. And, does he think because he is Alpha that he is suppose to be this way? I love all my cats and although the peeing thing is an issue I would rather just know how to fix what he is going through mentally and help him fix that. I want him happy and when he pees on things I NEVER scold him, he is doing it for reasons of unhappiness.

On another note and ETA - *If* Milo has Leukemia would this cause the peeing issue. He is peeing, not spraying!
I have read the huge Sticky of urination of cats but although my situation seems the same it is not because there is no fix.
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I'm not clear on something - have you ruled out that Milo has crystals in his urine? Depending upon the food and his genetic make-up, he may actually have a problem.

And you did not have a complete blood work-up done? Have his teeth been checked?

Our Spooky was stress-peeing outside the box. When this finally stopped, any other time she peed outside the box it was because her teeth hurt. She has very bad teeth, and had her first tooth pulled at 6 months. She's seven now, and has had four or five teeth pulled. Now that we take her to get a dental done every six months, she no longer pees outside the box - it's been over two years now I think.

So if you haven't ruled out health issues or pain issues - that really ought to be done before saying there's no fix.

Also - are you properly cleaning up the areas where he's gone outside the box? You do need to use an enzyme cleaner - and they are not all created equal. Something like a Nature's Miracle often needs to be applied 2 or 3 times. The best are Anti-Icky Poo and Nok Out: http://www.catfaeries.com or http://www.nokout.com. Because cat pee wicks, the enzyme cleaner must be POURED onto the affected area. Clothes or bedding or whatever peed on need to be washed with the enzyme cleaner - or at least pre-soaked with it. But rugs and such should be so wet with enzyme cleaner that they are squishy - left to soak for 10 - 15 minutes, then blotted up and left to air dry. We covered the area with aluminum foil during that process to discourage further peeing in the same spot.

Have you gone through your home with a black light to make sure you've found all the problem spots?

But three of our four males, all around age 2, developed problems with crystals. Until we changed their diet, the continued to have problems. Two of them blocked several times and had to be catheterized.

How many litter boxes do you have? Where are they placed? How many floors in your home are there? Are there litter boxes on each floor?

Do the cats have much vertical space?

Have you tried Cat Attract Litter?

And if you suspect he - or other of your kitties - might have Feline Leukemia - why are you not finding out? Not knowing will not stop them from dying if they are ill.

And I'm not sure why you brought another cat into the home not knowing if your kitties had FeLV - or am I not reading something right?

But it certainly seems that is something that needs to be determined, whether or not you want to know.
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