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Let me start by saying he is going to the vet this afternoon. I was a little frustrated yesterday because I know i have bought Terimyicin (SP?) in a local pet store. Well last night I couldn't find it anywhere, I went to 5 diferent stores. I used to have tube, but couldn't find it. I will try to describe what is going on & see if everyone agrees this sounds like an eye infection & not something worse. He has had discharge for at least a week at first it was clear. Then it started to look white white & as of this morning is yellow. They eye it's self doesn't look bad but the corner near his nose is very pink & looks a little inflamed. Usually at the shelter when we see eye infections they are much worse than what he has. Am I right thinking this is an infection, or could it be worse? Like I said he's going to the vet this afternoon so I will know for sure later, but I'm just trying to focus at work & it would be easier if I knew that it was just an infection.