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Kitchi photoshoot

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Just a few pics from yesterday.

While the other 2 were attacking the toys from Auntie Em, Kitchi was doing this:

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kitchi is getting so big, what a handsome kitty
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Aw, such a cutie Kitchi is! I can't believe how big he is.
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Man - he looks like my foster boy Archie!!!
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He's handsome! He looks so patient in that first picture waiting for his turn for the toys.
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Kitchi is growing into such a handsome little guy! His face does have more of Muddy's features, but there is just nothing quite like a long haired black kitty!! It's amazing to me how they can all look so different but yet the same.
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Wow! He's stunning!
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awwww so cute!!! <3
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He is definately growing, that's for sure....

I'd like to see him put some weight on tho. He's quite slim but that could just be my preference... I like kitties, even hoomans, with a little flesh on them. It could be that he's approaching 6mos, his long fur is silky and lays flat, as opposed to Kizzy who at 6mos was bigger, fluffier, etc.... so I think Kitchi is tiny, when really he isn't. Or it could be that Kitchi prefers wet food, so he's not gaining "extra" weight.

He's bout 6lbs I would say.... he hasn't been weighed in a couple months.

I'm sure he'll gain some weight when he's neutered.
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He's gotten so BIG!! When did that happen!? He's precious. Looks like he's going to grow up to be a very big handsome man!
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