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Do persians cat meows a lot !!!

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My adorable baby meows all the time, he is not fix but, he is a year and 4 months, I think is adorable but is this a normal behavior.... the funny thing is that he makes different meows some are long vocal and some are like in need of something like he wants to tell me something but he pretty much gets all of the attention of the house
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I don't know about Persians, but intact males often make long vocal meows.

Any reason you've not had him desexed yet? You say he gets all the attention, but being intact yours is not the attention he wants
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Intact fertile toms do meows much and strongly... Also those who otherwise feel quite well with their manhood.

If he is not supposed to do some stud service, the best and quickest way to help him is to let a vet make a little operation.
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My friend's cat(male persians) is really "talkative", too. He also changes tones often as if responding to our conversation or something.
Not too sure if he was fixed, though.
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we've had both male and female persians and himalayans (colorpoint persians with siamese ancestry). on the whole, they are not among the most talkative breeds, but of course there are exceptions. in general, himi owners report more talking than noncolorpoint persians, but again that's a generalization.

i'd suspect what you're describing to be more a trait of an intact male cat.. however, it is possible that after neutering at this age, he will continue to be talkative (though perhaps a bit less) as it is part of his personality now as well... if you choose to keep him intact, please do it with the knowledge that should he start spraying in the future, the likelihood is high that he will continue to spray after desexing. This is one of the big reasons why we get persians in shelter and at our rescue.
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