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Hmmm she does have sort of a "wild" look about the face in this side photo...but in the photos where you see her face from the front she just looks like a DSH!

Originally Posted by Mopar92 View Post

She is spotted but you can get spotted tabbies in the domestic population. My cat Church has spots too, he's a feral rescue DSH:

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Wow, that's a mighty big kitty!

I'd say a very large DSH, but the jaw is very square. I would have said it was a male who got neutered late if I didn't know otherwise (they often have big heads/jaws).

Doe she crush your chest when she lies on you?

She's a gorgeous girl though - feel free to brag away!
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No doubt, she's got a big jaw... you can see those little 1" fangs lurking if you look close... she's not a biter though... sure make me careful though....

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Ok I own Ocicats. Oci's are smaller then Bengals. A friend of mine has a Bengal male (breeder) who is pushing 20 lbs and he is huge - not fat. Oci's in the US don't get more then about 12 or 13 lbs (maybe 14) at the most. Australian Oci's can get a little larger but not much more full grown.

I would guess he's got Bengal in the background mixed with domestic shorthair. The head doesn't resemble EITHER a Bengal or an Ocicat. There there is a chance this girl could have Maine Coon in her too (even tho she is shorthair). Coons will go an easy 18+ lbs for a full grown adult male.
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I think she's a DSH - possibly with other breeds behind her, possibly not.

She may just be a female with some male hormones - I've seen it happen.
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Tasha has all the same stripy-stops, wild look & wide jaw and she`s 100% Domestic Shorthair . She`s also quite a bit larger then our other two cats & we thought she was going to be the smallest.

Maybe your gal is just more evolved then mine .
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Originally Posted by Mopar92 View Post
Ok.... enough here... I'm starting to sound like the annoying parent who's little angel never does wrong.... too braggy!! She's in attack mode... watch out stuffed mouse!!

She is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Big and beautiful!
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She is beautiful. She looks a lot like one of the neighborhood cats that hangs out in our yard. This cat has little tuffs of hair on his/her ears and it gives the cat a wild look. But it is a big cat and walked by my window once carrying half a snake that was still moving.
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That is a cute cat!
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I think her markings aren't typical tabby spots.. They just look different to me. Now that you mentioned she was x-rayed, do you happen to have an x-ray photo of her back/tail? I've been told by a Bengal breeder that Bengals usually have one 'extra' vertebra which they have inherited from the Asian Leopard this true?
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I was thinking the pattern looks like a broken mackerel because the spots are mostly in lines, not random. That would make her just a big (really big) DSH tabby.
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I have no idea what breed she is, but Sebring is GORGEOUS!
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I think she definitely has some bengal in her. Yeah the markings on her ribs are more broken up stripes than spots but until recently most bengals had rib stripes too, it's the area that's hard to get to be purely spotted. Further down her body the spots look more random and their size and placement and her colour makes me think bengal more than oci.

I have a 12lbs bengal female an I can't imagine having a kitty that's almost double her weight. My friends mostly have much smaller and lighter cats and think my Nikita is a huge monster cat, especially because her weight is all dense muscle. I'll have to tell them about yours!

Thank for sharing those photos she's a gorgeous cat
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His ears don't really show it, but the size and the spots do.... I wonder if this kitty has some Savannah into it? What do you all think?
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I have not checked in here in a while. Sebring is 100% more house friendly. She's a great cat now. She has incredible vision ( deer 500 yards away, etc). No doubt she has the most sensitive situational awarness of any of my 20 cats I have had since childhood. We might still have the x ray. If the vet didnt recycle it. Sure would love to know what the near 25 lb kitten is. She seems to throw up "cat" food once or twice a week, but can eat cooked chicken, etc all day long without sickness. We've tried every kind of food. We've tried generic to expensive RX food. Her canines are huge too if that helps... almost 20 mm if that helps. I'll get a pic soon.

Her sleeping...
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I can't help you with Sebring's genetic makeup. All I can say is that she's simply beautiful.
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I am no expert... but her spots look more arrowhead than the average mackerel tabby... so wondering if she does indeed have some wild in her or Bengal.

She is a stunner!!!
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What's the chance she's an escaped Savannah?
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