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Cat won't use litterbox

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Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem with my 1 yr old cat. Her name is Lola and she is wonderful little cat but...she has always had problems using a litterbox. She always pees in her litterbox but never poops in it. Instead she poops all over my new apartment which is carpeted.

I just moved into this apartment from a house, where my cat was able to go outside to do her business. Unfortunately the apartment is located on the 4th floor of my building and my cat cannot go outside anymore. I was hoping that since she is a bit older she would have outgrown this behavior of not using her litterbox but unfortunately not.

She is the only animal in the house and I have tried various litters and litterboxes, I am at my wit's end and not sure what to do anymore.

Any suggestions??? Thank you!!
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Try pool sand. Honestly, if she likes doing her thing outside, this might be your fix. You may need two different boxes if she doesn't want to pee in the sand. It might get a bit odiferous, but with baking soda, the smell is greatly reduced. Try some other "non-standard" litters, too. Potting soil, things like that, could really help her -- and you -- out. If you get her to start using sand you should be able to transition her to a different litter, like the organic litters made from corn or pine that have a very sandy feel, by slowly mixing the two together until she is using only the new litter. At this point I know you're about ready to try anything.

ALso, make sure you get an enymatic cleaner specifically for pet odors to help get rid of the potty smells where she's gone before. The lingering odors only encourage her to go there again.
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Well she is very young, and from what you have said her kitten hood was indoor/outdoor, up till recently with your new apartment. My first guess is that she has never been properly introduced to litter box use and doesn't know the association of indoors/litter box, litter box/indoors. I'm sure she's a bit stressed from the move as well.
How big is your apartment? Have you tried changing the litter, maybe an all natural? Crucial to make sure it is scooped daily and cleaned regularly. I would set up 2 litter boxes in different areas of the home. I would also go back to the basics, introducing the litter box........
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