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Postpartum Farts

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We did just change her food, but hubby has been complaining since Peaches' had the kitten she's been farting up a stinky storm. I couldn't really smell it until 5 minutes ago & then realized she is why I keep thinking one of the dogs has pooped in the house (then I can't find anything).

She had her kittens a week and a half ago, I only changed her food over a few days ago, so the farting has been since the kittens.

Has anyone had experience with this before?

(other then human... )
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I'm not sure that Ginger really had gas--she was outside so it would have been hard to tell but her poop was drastically different and stinky after the babies. I guess when you consume the outgoings of your children all day long, it can't do great things for your own system.

Grin and bear it
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Well she did eat the amniotic sacs they were in, and she is also consuming their waste, so you can't really blame her can you?

It will get better as the kittens get bigger, so just hang in there.

What sort of food are you giving her?
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Yeah, nothing smells worse than nursing mama cat poo! Like Sarah said, she is consuming all the kittens waste (urine and feces).

Once they start eating kitten food (at around 4 weeks) and start pooping in the litter tray, mama should start to smell better.
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Peaches is sort of room-clearing but it was more hubby that was getting upset then me . I think hes been picking her up by her back-end a little too much because apparently she farts in his face everytime he picks her up to pet her .

We got a free bag of purina kitten so she's eating that, we'll get her back on the good stuff once this bag is done .
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Frenchie had her kittens about a week ago, and she has Peaches's problem My last pregnant cat didn't fart like this girl does! Whew!
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Geez my girl didnt even have babies!! And she can clear a room faster than any human Ive ever had the "luxury" of being around when passing gas!!! LOL..I just grin and bear it when it happens because she seems to like farting around everyone else but me!
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
I think hes been picking her up by her back-end a little too much because apparently she farts in his face everytime he picks her up to pet her .
I love it when my DH has that happen to him. Its funny and I think he deserves it.

You might try giving her some probiotics. Because she's consuming all of their waste it could be affecting her gut flora a bit - actually it would have to be to be causing that gas. There's current threads on probiotics, so take a peek at them.
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Oh that wouldn't be a bad idea at all! She LOVES milk (she was born on a dairy farm) so maybe I'll try a little yogurt since her system handles it well.

I went into our bedroom this morning to get some laundry and she was sleeping on the bed, I got half-way in and had to leave! Man she STINKS!!!
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Turns out she's also spewing some VERY stinky diarrhoea so I served up some pumpkin this morning & we're definitely going for the probiotics. It never stops around here .

I tell you guys, I have half a mind to start putting dye in everyone's food so I can tell who's poo is who's!! Of course then I'd have to make sure they each ate their own food, another problem, or they'd all end up rainbow coloured Nope, that's not going to work.

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That would make for some odd litter box scooping.
I have four house cats, and I can usually tell who's made what. Sherman's looks like a small dog wandered into my litter boxes. Tomas's are the smallest, Sho's are in the middle and almost always fit the description of "normal" stools in consistency, and Siri's are a bit too firm - her's look almost like a goat's. They all have their own peeing habits, too. The odd and useless info stuck in my head...

I wouldn't try the yogurt, honestly. If her GI is upset things that she normally handles fine may not work. I've had GI issues for years and have noticed this pattern in myself - sometimes I can eat cheese, other days when my GI issues are already acting up it's a terrible idea.

See if you can find some bene-bac or look at the closed expert forum. I believe one of the past experts mentioned that some human probiotics are safe - provided that they don't have any bad fillers.

Maybe the food she's getting isn't agreeing with her, either? Purina isn't it? Make sure she drinks plenty, with all the kittens she needs to be well hydrated to provide for them.
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I am sorry, I have nothing to add, but every time I read the title of this post I giggle... I don't know why! I am just silly! Sorry
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Yeah we got a free bag of kitten chow, so she's eating it till it's gone :S (unless I can deteremine that's definitely the problem, then I'll give it to the other cats).

I wouldn't normally give her yogurt but she grew up just drinking raw cow milk so she's got lots of enzymes. If it doesn't work I'll try a human probiotic for sure though you may be right and it may just upset her tummy more.

Thanks for admiting that carolina
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
I wouldn't normally give her yogurt but she grew up just drinking raw cow milk so she's got lots of enzymes.
One cat's lifetime doesn't undue thousands of years of cat evolution. The ability to break down lactose simply shuts off in almost all mammals after weaning. There's varying degrees of intolerance, and rarely mutations, but nothing else. You can't suddenly switch that back on, not in yourself, myself, or your cat.

Besides most yogurts do not have that many live bacteria in them and certainly nowhere near the amount a probiotic supplement will contain.
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No I understand that, but if you continue to give them milk they will continue to produce the enzymes to break down the lactose. We give her milk because she's always drank it.

The same goes for me sweet Riki () who drank small bowls of milk her entire life as a treat & it never upset her tummy.

My newly vegetarian sister says the same thing happens when you stop eating animal protein. Of course I belive her as far as I can throw her , then again she is pretty light!
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
My newly vegetarian sister says the same thing happens when you stop eating animal protein. Of course I belive her as far as I can throw her , then again she is pretty light!
Actually she's both wrong and right. Except humans are meant to eat meat and are able to digest it - just when it's not eaten that much or at all it has to be reintroduced slowly.

I'll try to make this simple, and it's good for everyone else reading to understand this, too, both for their pets and themselves.

Diarrhea can be caused by gastrointestinal viruses, inflammation, intolerances, and bacterial overgrowth. Parasites don't exactly cause the diarrhea themselves, they disrupt digestion and mess with the balance of bacteria. Again, antibiotics don't cause diarrhea, either, it's a side effect of the drugs indiscriminately killing bacteria.
When you have diarrhea caused by a bacterial problem it's because the balance of good to bad bacteria in the intestines are messed up. The good bacteria are not only there to keep things in check, they actually help the host digest food. Things that the animal or human could normally eat and digest may not be as digestible at the time of illness. Dairy products fall into this catagory as we (animals and humans) really rely on that bacteria to help us.
When it's not digested properly you get sugars that sit and ferment, in other words you get gas. This is also why indigestible grains give kitties problems.

Most store bought yogurts are not a good source of bacteria. They don't have a large amount of live cultures and they contain milk solids - the milk solids make the yogurt about as useful as straight milk. lol

Please understand I'm not trying to be mean or pushy here. But I would like everyone to understand this. In times of gastrointestinal illness, dairy is dairy and best avoided till the illness has passed. You can ask any GI doc this question if you like, and would get the same suggestion.

Direct suggestion for the momma kitty in question: probiotics, no treats, eventually slowly transition to a better food. Once all signs of diarrhea and gas are better she could have treats again.
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No you're making a very good point SW. I havn't given her anything yet as for some reason we actually don't have any yogurt (plus I don't normally buy that L-casie... I think it's a load).

Maybe I'll just head to the natural food store & talk to them. Although they already think I'm CRAZY after I went in there asking about DioEarth :p.

I'll think about the better food, my guys can always eat hers and she can have something better I guess. I'm just not sure what I'm going to give her. I didn't like what we had her on before.
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
Maybe I'll just head to the natural food store & talk to them. Although they already think I'm CRAZY after I went in there asking about DioEarth :p.

I'll think about the better food, my guys can always eat hers and she can have something better I guess. I'm just not sure what I'm going to give her. I didn't like what we had her on before.
Who cares what they think? You have a kitty to love and care for. Right now, a lot of foods would be a step up - as always browse the nutrition section. About the only thing I'll really suggest in the way of food is that you don't get one of the "all natural" types that have a bunch of odd extra veggies and fruit. A healthy cat may be able to handle those, but they may just give her more gas.

Good luck with her. After years of GI issues myself I know how icky it can feel, and how much cramping it can cause.
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Our local pet store is really great with the real-food diets. They do allot of raw-meals for dogs too so they are pretty reliable.

The stink was really bad this morning which helped changed my mind, there are little bubbles of diarrhoea all over the kitten's blanket so obviously it IS more then her just feeling a little icky.

I liked the TOTW I gave to the other cats, do they make one for kittens? Peaches is still QUITE small, especially after the kittens & really needs the extra nutrients.

We only switched out the bags of cat food (from TOTW for the other cats) because for SOME reason hubby actually remembered we needed cat food & came home with a bag of "Agri-Cat" (don't ask) the same day I got good cat food . So now our guys have a 20 kg bag to go through before they get good food again. It's actually not bad nutritionally, it's just cheap, but they REALLY like the taste & I know peaches has been sneaking quite a bit of it.
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Of course they love the taste of the cheap stuff. Those foods are sprayed with a fat coating (all dry foods are) to preserve them and to help the powder coating stick. The powder coating is where a lot of the smell and flavor are to lure pets into eating the food.

I don't know about TOTW. If the protein and fat are high enough it may work as an all stages food. Just my guess, but I bet that would be fine for kittens to eat - especially if you offered canned kitten foods meals daily with it.

I'd have sent the husband back to the store to return the food. But then luckily mine knows better, he's had to help wash poopy cat butts - the best learning experience for a guy.

I'm sorry your poor girl is having really bad diarrhea. Loose stools are bad enough but when it starts getting everywhere it's bad for both you and the cat (and the kittens).

There's so many diarrhea threads on here I wonder if it would ever be worth making a sticky of causes, things that can make it worse, and things that can help?
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I would have sent him back too but it's over an hour round-trip (long story, it's the only place that sells our dog food) and he was so proud of himself! Plus Miss Kitty supplements her diet pretty well with voles & Tasha sneaks the kitten food .

I just made him pick up a poop in the living room (not sure who left it there) I told him to clean the kitty litter two days ago because it smells, does he listen? now he will (I'm preggers so "can't change the litter" )

I'm headed to the store tomorrow, I can never make it to the health food store during the week, they just close too early .

Peaches is starting to get sniffly too, I'm starting to think of weaning the kittens really early (see "Mango & Pink try their first solid food" in pregnancy) this whole ordeal has put ALLOT of stress on her tiny little body. We may have to take her the vet, I really hope not I just spent $300 on the dog were puppy-sitting (which we get back, but not for a little while still...).

I think it would be a good idea just to write a whole sticky for the forum about diarrhoea .
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AHA! The natural food store actually had a pet probiotic of all things! However as my husband put it 'we don't know if this is going to work so we should just get the human one, then we know we can take it if it doesn't work on her'.


So we got Natural Factors Protec. How much do I give Peaches?

Question two: How do I get it in her??

She seems to have stopped eating, which is very worrisome. If you've got bad diarrhoea not eating for a day or two is PROBABLY a good idea, but not when you're feeding kittens & already a little skinny. So I need to get this stuff into her A.S.A.P. Even my secret recipe of microwaves warmed canned food isn't working. She is drinking lots but I can't be sure none of the other cats will get to her water (and mess the dossage).

Wet food juice + probiotic + syringe maybe?
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The stench from Peaches is getting unbearable, and I've got a good stomach . I shoved half a pill of the probiotic (in some water in a syringe, poor girl!) into her. Hopefully that will make her feel better. She did actually sniff at the wet food, but didn't even lick the juice. I so badly want to force-feed her but I don't think that's a good idea. She's lost allot of weight though. I don't know if there is a cat-equivalent body weight score, but on a horse she'd be a 2 .

I think I'm going to have to pull the kittens which I really really don't want to do, especially since between being pregnant & a toddler I REALLY need what little sleep I get. At this point though I don't see another option.

I didn't manage to get any KMR today, is there anything from my pantry I can give them tonight? I seem to have run out of condensed milk. I don't want to give them cows milk. They do seem hungry. I live in a very small town so it's not like we can "run out" anywhere, it's got to be in my house. I'm thinking I might try a little of the home-made pedialite, but I don't want to fill them up with water.

Pink is fine, she's eating a little wet food again, Mango, I'm a little concerned about. He's not dehydrated, he seems fine I just know Peaches isn't producing her usual amount of milk & he's not interested in the wet food (not surprisingly, he's only 2 weeks old!).

I will get some KMR tomorrow.

Right now I've got to give both kittens a bath, I just realized she's stopped cleaning them since this afternoon, which isn't helping with the smell in the kennel! (of course I did change their blankets a.s.a.p. I'll probably end up doing it again before I go to bed ).

These little guys came into the world no problem! I should have gotten the probiotic on thursday.
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She's not eating? Can you get her to a E-vet tonight or first thing in the morning? That she's not caring for them how she should scares me a bit.

I'm worried that either there's some parasite problem or there could be enough bad bacteria to make her sick. Certain kinds of bacteria will release toxins that can be very dangerous - been there, done it myself and ended up in the hospital.
Does she seem to have a fever? Has she been tested for FIV and FeLV?

Always problems on the weekends, isn't it?

I have a bad feeling you're going to have to take over nursing both the kittens and momma kitty back to health.
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There is no way probiotics work THAT quickly because Peaches has definitely perked up since I gave them to her!!! :O

I took the kittens away for a bath and some pedialite (not that they need it, it was for me) and let her have a nap. The change in Peaches was very slow but she let the kittens nurse after I brought them back to her. At first she didn't want to groom herself, then slowly she started licking her side. Then she cleaned her face, and her bum. Then she cleaned the kittens (I should have thrown some boulian in the bath water!! ), and actually walked over to them to get them to nurse more after they stopped. She's been looking wistfully at the food, and I think she might actually eat before the end of the night.

BIG difference since I noticed she was getting dirty & she definitely wasn't cleaning the kittens (at least since noon today).

Peaches is still sitting all squished up (like all cats with a tummy ache do) but she look about 20% better then she did 3 hours ago, I can't believe it.

I havn't tested her temp (there is a pet thermometer around here somewhere, but I'm not sure where) but she doesn't seem hot at all. She hasn't been tested/vaccinated for anything since she poped out some kids before we had a chance to get her over her cold & take her to the vet! She'll go with the kittens for their first check-up.

As she's really perked up I'm hoping I'll be providing a meal or two to the kittens but that will be it .

It could be parasites but I've had a PRETTY good look at her poo lately & haven't seen anything, plus she's been getting dio-earth in her food a couple times. I could be bacterial but all 3 cats share the same space/food/water/etc. and NO one else in the entire house is sick.

She was quite skinny before she had the kittens (why we didn't now until about a week before she had them) so it's quite possible this is caused by the kittens alone combined with her poor condition.
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Get some of the (plain, unflavored) pedialyte in her if you can. It'll help replace some of the electrolytes lost to diarrhea.

And no, probiotics shouldn't work that fast. Any chance you could try a bit of plain boiled chicken for her? You need to make sure she keeps eating and drinking.

Still worried about the poor girl. It honestly sounds like she needs a vet soon.
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She's actually drinking as normal. I did leave the rest of the homemade pedialite upstairs for her but she's been running downstairs just fine to come get the cat's water.

If it's not the probiotics she must just be feeling a little better! I really hope so!

I do agree it does sound like she needs to go into the vet, we're going to see how things go tomorrow and if she starts eating again. She doesn't LOOK sick other then being bunched up (eyes very clear/etc.), and is acting pretty well her normal self except she doesn't want to move; but as I said she is going out to use the litter and down the stairs to get water frequently.

As long as she's still got enough milk to feed the kittens there can't be too much to worry about. I should repeat she is not AT ALL dehydrated, neither are any of the kittens (I know how to check for his properly), other wise they would have been at the vet tonight (they are horse-vets, someone is on call 24/7).

I know when I'm feeling ill the way she is not eating for a day or two can really be all you need to get back on your feet. Once your system is empty and your tummy starts settling down again.

Anyway, I'm not really sure what the vet can do other then give her an IV & she's not dehydrated.
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Peaches is eating!

It was either time or the probiotics, I guess we'll never know.

It started with just a little on her nose, then she picked up the bits I dropped off the towel, now she's tuckered right into the plate .

Happy Dance Time!
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^They could do a fecal to see what's going on, check temp, if needed prescribe antibiotics and something to help settle her stomach to keep her eating. Blood tests if you wish, FIV and FeLV test. Pretty much - give or take a couple things.

Good to hear she's eating some now.
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I can officially upgrade her poop from water to diaharroea again . She was quite interested in her food this morning, but more interested in feeding her kittens; however, it does look like she ate about half the can over night (small can).

Kittens are still in great spirits, toddling all over their kennels & wrestling .

I was thinking I should dose her with another half-pill or probiotics this morning, but I really don't know how much I should be giving her :S.
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