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Oral flea-killer?

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I'm admitting defeat on the fleas and calling in for re-enforcements (I REALLY tried with the comb/dio earth method ). The fleas are on to the dogs & the pup we're babysitting already has a skin condition. I'm going to the vet tomorrow for Shelly, and will discuss how much this is going to cost me .

Any suggestion for an oral flea-killer for the cats?

I think that's our best option as I'm still to worried about using something topical as my son is ALWAYS touching the animals.

What about Peaches' kittens? When can I use something on them? I don't want them to be the only ones in the house with out some protection! At least they are super easy to bathe & comb! You can't wiggle TOO much when you're only a week & half old .

I am NOT looking forward to Tasha after I dose her, I doubt she'll ever talk to me again...
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The only thing I can think of is Capstar, which kills fleas for 24 hours.

IMO, you're going to have to use something topical.
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Capstar is fantastic - the fleas start dying in about half an hour. It's only a short-term solution though, so you really need to do Capstar, flea bomb the house, vacuum everything thoroughly, wash all human and pet bedding and anything else fleas can get into.

You will then need to apply topical flea medication regularly. If you plan to be out with your son for the day, do the Advantage right after your son goes to bed the night before, and make sure he doesn't touch the cat before you head out the next day, and by the time you get home at the end of the day, the Advantage should pretty much be gone.
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I was thinking about that Sarah, I'm not sure when would be a good time, we don't often go out.

Arg, I don't know what we're going to do because there really is NO point in dosing anyone until the kittens are old enough, otherwise all the fleas are just going to hide on them.

How long can fleas live on surfaces with out a pet?

I think I could dose Tasha & Miss Kitty, because M.K. can just go out for the day & we won't see Tasha for a week, at least, if I do something as terrible as touch her . But then Peaches is already nursing so probably shouldn't be dosed anyway.

The cleaning the house part is easy!

We aren't dealing with many fleas, BTW, the kittens seem to be a magnet for them but I usually only get 1 or 2 off Peaches. I JUST combed M.K. and got 1 although she has thick fur & has been scratching. I did all the dogs yesterday and got 3-4 off each (except Shelly who didn't have any) so I could certainly manage keeping up with the combing for a couple more weeks until the kittens are old enough but Shelly is a problem since she's got a skin condition as it is.
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We got Harts UltraGuard OneSpot.

I asked the vet and she said as long as it was applied after the cat had finished nursing and so had time to absorb it should be fine. Also that it would probably be a good idea since it would help the kittens out. However she couldn't be specific or prescribe anything until we brought the cat (or catS). So we went to the pet store to get what we needed and skipped the $60 vet fee.

Has anyone had experience with UltraGuard and want to stop me before I give it to Peaches in a couple hours? Their OneSpot treatment is safe for kittens over 8 weeks. The other option is that I don't give it to Peaches, just the other two and wait 6 weeks and do all three cats, but then we're going to have to do another treatment on EVERYONE...

We HAVE to do it right now because of the dog we're puppy sitting & her skin condition.

The vet did say that the topical treatment would be absorbed in 12 hours, I'm just going to have to try & keep the toddler away from the pets tomorrow . Wish me luck!
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Do *NOT* use any OTC flea preventative!

Hartz is well known for not being safe. Go get Frontline, Advantage, etc - from a vet.

Search the forums for more info.
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Yay, something I have plenty of knowledge to offer!

If you really want to go the oral route, you can use Capstar AND Program. Capstar will kill any adult fleas currently on the cat, and Program is a liquid you add to their food that kills flea eggs and larvae. You really have to use both, since neither medication will take care of all life cycles.

What I would recommend instead of oral medication is Revolution. It is safe for pregnant and nursing cats. I like Revolution because even though you still put it between their shoulder blades, it is NOT the greasy gross stuff that needs to work through their fur--it is just absorbed into the skin. Then you don't need to worry about your son touching the cats, it only takes a few minutes to absorb. It also treats ear mites

As for the kittens, I had to deal with this as well. You can't -prevent- them from getting fleas until they're old enough to use the medications, but it is very easy to get rid of the fleas they currently have. Do this in conjunction with your deep housecleaning to get rid of as many fleas as possible. How to Treat Fleas on Kittens. You'd be surprised how well dish soap works, I was amazed. I never saw fleas again after treating the mother with Revolution, bathing the kittens, and cleaning out their nest box really well before putting everyone back in.
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I did a search but couldn't find anything, maybe I spelled it wrong? Either way everyone got their treatment last night & are fine and healthy today. I made sure peaches was locked away from her kittens until the onespot was COMPLETELY dry.

I'll look into revolution for their next treatment (IF they even need one), since that will be about the time the kittens go for their first appointment anyway. I've been bathing the kittens & mom daily, I don't know where the fleas are coming from I think they were just hoping from pet to pet since I can't touch Tasha with the flea comb (she stopped talking to me for two weeks after I tried to comb her). I'm not really worried, I did a HUGE clean up yesterday (washed EVERYTHING) and routinely steam-clean my carpets so I doubt this is going to be an issue for much longer.

We HAD to do something last night about the fleas because of Shelly's skin problem. Vet's orders.
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I know most people are opposed to using OTC flea shampoo and drops but I DO use Sargeants shampoo for the cats and the dog as a preventative measure PLUS a spray that I use around the outside of our house and inside of the doorways and windows of the house. Its Home Defense Max and it works great right now is MAJOR flea problem time and I havent had one spec of a problem since Ive used this stuff. I just follow the directions to a T on all the bottles that I use and when I spray inside the house with Home Defense I keep all the cats in the bedroom till it dries and keep the puppy outside and play with him while its drying inside the house! I would just check with the vet about using OTC stuff and see what they have to say if they say its ok then its up to you to do what you feel is best for your pets.
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