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Looks like I'm not the only one who handfeeds her cat. Actually, I tend to bring Spike's water bowl over to him more often than his food... holding it very very still while he laps it up. Unless he's licking it drip by drip off my finger, of course. Sometimes he just looks thirsty while he's resting... I just can't make him get up and get his water himself...
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Hello Shirley... Glad to see you back at TCS. I missed seeing your furbabies Venus and Daisy and Isys the little one. I hope things are going well and have calmed down a smidge for you.

Give scritches and hugs to the "birthday girl" for me
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Hi, Shirley, and welcome back! I've been wondering what you're up to - computer problem, vacation, etc.. The thought of a pregnant cat just didn't occur to me. Good luck to her, Happy Belated Birthday to Daisy, and hugs for Venus. I love your pictures.
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Thanks, Sandra... you are so sweet!

Yes, things have calmed down a tremendous lot!

My hubby n i just came home from a dim sum lunch, and i am feeling pretty sleepy.

Daisy loves scratches under her chin, Sandra:

Tricia: how are you? Please email me at my new email addy, if you can. You furbaby reminds me of Spike, Jen's baby.

Trust me, it was not only Isys' health issues that were worrying me, it was also my mom in law's visit, etc. i am glad things are getting better by the day~!!

i just cut my hair today, chopped off about 7 inches off. i have a "chinadoll hairdo" Teehee!!

Here are two more pix of Daisy, taken last night:

She loves her favorite bed:

Here is a close-up:

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Awwwww Hey Shirley

Good to see you are back on track , I hope you got my PM about care for Isys. I have been terribly worried about you and I'm so glad you are back , Loving these new pictures.

Take Care Hun!

Love your friend Sam.
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Dearest Sam,

Thanks for your pm message.

My brother and i are years apart, and you are the same age as my niece!!! Also, i really enjoy communicating with you, we have some common grounds: love for cats and cat shows!! Teehee!!

Please, always stay in touch, okay? Watch out for a wine country postcard, will you, love?

and LOTS of hugs for Sam, the sweet sweet one!
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Sure Thing Shirley. Thanks for that

This site is wonderfurrl, I mean I met you

I will look for that postcard and I will keep in touch

Stay Sweet!

:lips: ((((((((HUGS)))))))
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