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Happy Birthday to Daisy/Sending love from kitties n me! <3

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Hi all and salutations!

It has been a while, and i might probably be forgotten, hehe!

Anyway, thought i would dedicate this posting to Daisy as it is her 2nd birthday today. Also, i want to say hi to all!

Daisy here (pix taken today):

Here, Daisy is wearing her new birthday gift. i got it from Amy, catsplay.com:

Daisy playing with pheasant feather:

By the window:

Daisy with lei (gift from mom-in-law):

:flash: Cheers!
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i have my hands pretty full lately!

My mom in law just left for Hawaii.

i still have yet to get the San Francisco Ts, but got lots of padded envelopes and stamps. i will send out the Ts to the ladies i corresponded a little later okay? Slowly but surely.

My Isys is pregnant, and i have to take care of her now, as the breeder is not available. This is a surprise pregnancy as she is supposed to be spayed!

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO Nicole who has been a total sweetheart to me! Nicole, you are my angel! Nicole is a Bengal breeder, and we all love her so much! Thanks to Cathy as well. Cathy, you are great!

Here is Isys and me:

Isys with lei:

Isys on chair:

Venus wants to say "Aloha" as well. The lei is actually fresh, white orchids

Here is a pix of Venus at bathe time:

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Hi Shirley! How are you? No, you haven't been forgotten....

Happy birthday Daisy. I hope you had a good one and that mom spoiled you.

Wow, what a surprise it must have been to find out Isys was pregnant. Do you know when she's due?

Hope things are well with you.
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What beautiful pics and Happy Birthday to Daisy. She looks gorgeous in her new collar!
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Hi Christy!

Thanks for remembering me.. teehee!! You are so sweet!

Isys is supposed to be due in afew weeks. i just received a box of stuff from the breeder - postal scale, 2 books, pix of the dad, CFA transfer papers, and some stuff for the kittens.

Nicole, the Bengal breeder, has been holding my hands! Nicole, you are a sweetheart!
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Thanks, Adrienne!

i put some thought to getting Daisy a special gift. i thought it would be neat to get her a string of Austrian Crystal stones. The redness is a stark contrast to her white. Teehee!

For those that i promised San Francisco Ts, hang in there, i have not forgotten yet, just have not gotten to it. i have not even bought them yet, however, i have the list printed out and everything. Smiles!

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Hey! We missed you!!!

Glad all is well. Your girls, as always, are gorgeous!!!
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Thanks for missing me, Sue..

i thought i would have been forgotten... teehee!

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Hello Shirley

So nice to see some pics of you and you beautiful kitties. Happy Birthday to Daisy!
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Hi! We've missed you! Happy Birthday to Daisy!!

Congratulations on Isys kittens on the way! Enjoyed seeing the pictures too!!!
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Thanks so much, Amy ... thanks for the prize pin as well!

i really like the gift i got for Daisy. i hope to get similar but not exact ones for Isys and Venus later, and God knows how many more kitties i will have....teehee!!

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Hi Shirley!

As always Daisy is a doll! Happy Birthday to Daisy, and give Isys a gentle hug from me. She is so gorgeous!
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Thanks Terri.. so nice to write to old pals!! Smiles with !!

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Thanks Mary Anne! We all want to give you hugs as well!

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Hi Shirley! I wondered where you were!Happy Birthday Daisy!
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Hi Sherral!

How are your meowmies? Very vocal, as usual, i am sure.. teehee!

Daisy meows "thanks" -- i will love her forever! *Sounds really mushy right? Teehee!! :flash:

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How could we forget you Shirley????? Silly lady!

It's good to see you posting again! We missed you! And of course we missed Daisy, Venus and Isys too - such a lovely bunch of girls (owner included ).

Happy Birthday Daisy!! Wow, 2 years old. You don't look a day over 9 months, I swear.

Wow, that must have been some surprise to find out Isys is pregnant! Well, she couldn't ask for a better kitty-mum than you. We know how much you adore your babies.
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Thanks Heidi for remembering me !

IT is so lovely of you to love my babies like that!

i hope to show Isys in cat shows in future. After her pregnancy, i have to get her shots and get her spayed. My vet is from New York, and she is so wonderful, she touched me to tears!

Dr. Jen Scarlett is my vet. i will name one kitty Scarlett, after my vet, if i have a female one at all.

Things are more calm around here. Possibly, i am more calm.. teehee!!

It is such a gorgeous day in San Francisco now, and i pray to God to give my Daisy a long and healthy life. She is extremely spoiled, this one! Teehee!

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LOL They are! They are all fine.Thank you for asking,I can'tpost any picture's I lost my camera!
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Sherral, u lost your camera? Oh no!

i know you take lots of delight in taking your babies' pix.. just like me!!! Teehee!!

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Hi Shirley

Tell Daisy I said Happy Birthday!!!!

I am glade you received the books for Isys breeder.
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ya I fell going over a small stream,and dropped it in the water!I am heartsick over it!
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Thanks, Nicole, you are so good to me!!! This lady is a total sweetheart! Thanks for being there!! i hope we will be pals for a long time!

Sherral, i am sorry you lost your camera! Take heart, love!

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Hi Shirley! I've been worried about you, girl! Please give Miss Daisy a Birthday hug and a kiss from me & my crew. Hope all is well with you! Loved the pic's..You're kitties are so beautiful!

Hope to chat with you more!
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Eep! I'm late! Please pass my belated birthday wishes to Daisy. And I love the photos of your girls... they're all so pretty. : I hope everything goes well with Isys... what a surprise you must have had with her! I'm sure she'll be a great kitty-mum. Keep us posted! And it's good to have you back Shirley.
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Shell: You are such a doll!!

Thanks for worrying about me, Shell... i was worrying about me and Isys as well... teehee! Daisy received your hugs and kisses with Meowie Thanks!!

i have been reading up on breeding pedigreed cats, and wow! i am learning a lot of stuff!

Yes, Shell, please stay in touch!

Jen: You are NOT late at all! It is about 11.20pm in San Francisco now. You are one of my favorite people, Jen!

Isys has been good. She is highly affectionate, and sticks to me like glue. She enjoys kneading, and she makes me smile constantly!

All three furbabies send their meowmie kisses and hugs to Shell and Jen!

i gave my kisses and hugs to your furbabies!

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Hi Shirley!
Belated birthday wishes to Daisy from Pollýanna og Feykirófa! (And me of course! )
It´s so very nice to see you here again Shirley! I had been missing your post and really wondering where you had gone!
Good luck with Isis, what a surpize this must have been!
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Happy Birthday Daisy! Shirley, thanks for sharing these photos ... they are all so cute! I look forward to reading your posts again, welcome back! By the way, are you keeping all of Isys' kittens?
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Well this seems appropriate...........

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Sesselja: Thanks, love!

i really hope to go to iceland one day. Prior to that, i need to go to Europe again, hopefully next year. i really miss France.

Thanks for missing me, dear Sesselja, please write me from Iceland, okay? i thought i would have been easily forgotten, cos i started posting only in March. How time flies!!

i remembered my first posting.. i actually just wanted to know more about cat shows, as i was preparing my Daisy and Venus for their first cat show. That was how i met Cathy (CathyG).

i will crochet her baby a blankie before the weather gets cold in New Jersey.

i still owe a bunch of you Ts from San Francisco... i can't do anything major till after the birth of kitties and such.. so my dear ladies, please be patient.. i only managed to send a Singapore T to Nofar (Nunny).

Angela: Thanks, sweety! You are a dear!

Yes, i look forward to meeting up with you some time in future. Regarding Isys' kittens, i am still reading stuff to take care of Isys. i have so little plans for the kittens. i will worry about it later. Now, i have my hands full with Isys. <3

Sicy: Oh, thanks!

This is so lovely, many thankees!! Wow, you are SO SO SO creative, i must say!!

Daisy loves to be handfed:

She's telling me she's got enough here:

Told you guys she is totally spoiled.. teehee!

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