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Swollen Eye

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HI all,

My FIV+ boy, Humphrey, seems to have a slightly poorly eye. The inside of his eyelid is a bit swollen, and his eye seems a little 'set back' into his head. There is no real discharge to be seen and he is eating and playing normally and is his usual loving self. He gave it a little rub earlier but doesn't seem to be constantly worrying at it.

I woulnd't usually be as panicked but we are going on holiday on Wednesday morning - a friend is staying here and looking after the cat but I don't want to ask her to have to take him to the vet. I've just started a new job as well and am scared of asking for time off to go to the vet - it's all very scary and complicated!

Here's a little pic of him and his eye...

Any help appreciated x
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I'm not familiar with FIV (meaning I know what it is, just no experience)....

I can see in the pic that his eye does look to be of different size than the good one....

I know you said no discharge, is it watery at all? Is it possible he got something in his eye? A bug bite perhaps?

I know I'm no help, hopefully someone else out here can be.
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