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My kitten just turned 5 months old and I noticed she has been acting a little funny the past couple of days. She isn't eating like normal, and I have to feed her most of her food on a spoon like a little baby...or she will waste the rest. I feed her moist food, but she is tilting her head to the side and dropping some of the food on the floor in her attempts to chew. Sometimes she will nibble at her dry food and I notice she paws at her mouth, which looks like shes trying to push a tooth out or something. She seems more sleepy and less hyper than normal, but still plays once in a while [or if you play with her]. Her coat looks a bit oily and not as fluffy as normal, and I haven't seen her groom as much as she normally would. This is only the past 2 days or so.

Are these all normal signs of teething? She seems fine, using the litter box like normal and her stools aren't any different. Shes still eating, but sometimes it takes some babying from mom lol. Im thinking this is pretty normal but I wanted to ask here to be sure. Any information would be so appreciated, I hate seeing my girl in pain!
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Im new to this as my previous cat was as a young child, so I do not recall this process [and I know some cats aren't even phased by it]. I saw her attempt to groom a bit after her dinner last night, took a couple of licks and stops. I really think her mouth is just sore, but this is not like my girl AT ALL so I can't help but be paranoid as I know not grooming can be sign of illness. She seems fine, eating [sometimes with a bit of help] and mostly just looks like shes teething but I could be wrong. I wanted to get some insight here before running her to the vet if its not necessary.

Thanks in advance
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Stupid question: Have you looked into her mouth? If she's teething, you would most likely notice it by looking into her mouth. Baby teeth are a lot smaller than the new ones so you can easily tell the difference. My cats didn't really act like they were sore, they just wanted to chew stuff when they were teething (all were approx.5 months old then).
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oh most definitely, she doesn't allow me to look for very long but I try. I found a tooth last week next to her food bowl, but with that tooth she didnt act much different except for the tilted-head chewing for a little while. I was more worried the past couple of days because she wasn't grooming and just the general change in her behavior, I wasn't sure if that was due to the teething or if she should be seen by a vet. She seems more active today and is eating on her own. However, she did pee inside her bed today when I left the house for some errands (which she doesn't sleep in). Her box was totally clean so im not sure why, im thinking it was a "this is what you get for leaving me!!" pee lol.

thanks for the reply, its very appreciated.
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I would get her checked by the vet, peeing outside the box and lack of energy is not normal. Also pawing at the mouth and head titling, I have never seen before in teething cats.
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