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In loving memory of Mr. Jinx!

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I couldn't wait to get you, I waited for so long, SO excited to finally see you, I didn't have you long, seemed like a moment and then you were gone. But in the short time you were here you made me laugh, you made me cry. I still hearing you purring in my mind. I still see you chasing the baby round and round, up in the chair and then back on the ground. I love you and I miss you!

Rest in peace Mr. Jinx. 9/02-6/03

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Any relationship with a cat is special, and sadly yours was just beginning. Built beforehand on the high expectation of receiving such a wonderful cat, your enthusiasm was well known here. Documented as well was the crushing sadness you experienced when you realized Jinx was so ill. Struggling against all the odds, he tried to hang on but sadly lost the fight and slipped away.

I am sorry for your loss and the resulting despair you face. Know that Jinx understands your love that you carry and that he loved you back twice as much.
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I know he did, and I know he is greatly missed!
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I have said it before and I will say it again, Jinx was a beautiful Cream-Bicolor Persian. I knew how much you loved him and hopefully Belle will be just as nice as MJ was. R.I.P Mr Jinx

Your in my thoughts! Mega Hugs!

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There doesn't seem to be much to say. Unfortunately the pain hurts whether our kitties were with us a short time or a long time. Mr. Jinx was so lucky to have a loving family, and at least he had a wonderful life!

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Good-bye Mr. Jinx. You had such a short life but one with so much love and caring.
Rest in Peace.
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