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Today's vet exam

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Took Kiki back to SPCA today to get rabies shot and check-up. I asked about her protruding anus and they said it was called prolapsed rectum and as long as it corrects itself it would be okay. They treated her for tapeworms and coccidia. In case that was why she is having the prolapsed rectum. My concern is it is happening b/c of her broken tail, but they don't seem to think it is. They also treated her for earmites and gave her her last combo shot.

They gave me advantage multi to apply tomorrow which will treat fleas, hookworms, roundworms, heartworm preventative and earmites.

Her lungs sound clear and she has no nose or eye discharge at the moment. They said to monitor her and bring back if she develops the same symptoms for URI again.

Poor Kiki....she's had a very busy day.
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sleep good tonight! I had a cat named Kiki also. I worked at a nursing home and a lady came in for long term care. Her family didn't know what to do with the little black cat of hers, so I took her. So glad you adopted from the SPCA. You have a good heart!
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