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"MEOW"nday Trivia!...=)

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Good .... this is a good one!...

When a cat rolls on her back, it means what?

A. She trusts you
B. She has fleas
C. She needs more kibble
D. Who knows?

The answer is here dear member and NOTE that is valid only for today, tomorrow will be another question and another answer... and PLEASE Help us here with a simply CLICK!..
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Time to clip my nails.
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Yay, double kibbles for kitties and doggies! Got them both right.
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A. she trusts you
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E. She's looking for fresh meat
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A...she trusts you
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F. It's a trap!!
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I did this yesterday but the question didn't pop it -- it just said double kibble and had the options so needless to say I got it wrong!
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Another easy one!
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Nice participation!..
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Double kibbles
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