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Daily Thread Monday Sept 14th

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Morning folks!

It's Monday...booohooooooooooo!

But we did have an amazing weekend so I guess it's okay. Next weekend we have a wedding a few hours away so that should be fun!

I think there are going to be some showers today, too bad the nice weather streak is not going to last one more day.

Off to work in a bit, and that is about it!

Have a good one folks!
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Not too much happening here..... I hurt something fierce today, so I'll just take it easy around home.

I've been sleeping better, so that's a plus

One DD is off to work (bbsitting) and my other DD is watching some tv before school.

I'm doing the morning and then will head to watch a movie.
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It's almost Tuesday here!

I'm going to have an early night tonight around 1AM I hope. When I get up I have a few chores to do but I really want to do mainly study and working on assignments.

I've got work tomorrow night too.

Have a good Monday folks!
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Morning All

Kind of on the cloudy side here this morning and looks like rain.

I am pretty weary to say the least, my cold isn't much better and I tossed and turned all night...Feel like I ran a marathon.

Heading off to school in about an hour, afterwards just home and a nap hopefully.

The kitties are having their breakfast right now and no doubt have a full day of birdwatching and napping planned.

Everyone have a great day.
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I'm pretty motivated for a Monday morning actually. I got up at around 5:30 and in to work by 7:15. I'll be working on a huge Excel worksheet most of the day. The thing is massive, but in the end it will all funnel down into a few numbers on the year-end report I'm finishing up. I'd actually rather manipulate a spreadsheet than try to write any day, though unfortunately, I need to do that as well after I finish with the spreadsheet.

I'll go to the gym after work tonight and probably get home fairly late. I've nearly finished my current book, so I'll probably work on that a bit and maybe finish it before I go to bed. I'm going to take the day off tomorrow to run some errands (some are fun though, like going to the used book store and the Petsmart), but at least I won't need to get up super early for that.
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Morning! I can barely keep my eyes open. I feel better though. Hopefully tomorrow I will be 100%.

The cats had some outside time yesterday and are eager to go back out.
Looks like the weather may hold up for them.

Mom's working the late shift and is enjoying her morning with my son.
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Good Morning everyone!! It rained here!!! Whooottt!!! I hasnt rained here in months!! And it is actually CHILLY out!!!! I can finally wear my new school sweatshirt!! Kitties are all awake and playing! I have school in a bit, then onward to the barn and then back to school I want it to rain some more, I love rain, but I have a filling it i think i cracked the window to my truck last night....hopefully not enough to let water in!! Have a good day!
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