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ohhh what a morning!! picture this!

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Every morning and everynight I do litter for the kittens and give them canned food. At night they get around two hours of play time with big brothers moe and neo. In the morning I have to go to work and they have to go back in there room (preferable stay in there room) because I don't want them running around the house when I'm not there until they are old enough to be away from mommy.

ANYWHO! I open the door to there room and ALL FIVE kittens BOLT out. UGHHHHH! Fine they can play with moe and neo while I clean. I have to be at work at 9 and it is only 7:30. WELL! I get granet, stormy, and blizzy in the room (nimby and marble are the hardest to keep in). SO I get nimby put him in and then go to put marbles in and granet and stormy RUN OUT! Then I got to put stormy in and nimby and marble run out!!! This keeps happening over and over. I was about ready to burst into tears. SO FINALLY at 8:15 I have all the kittens in and need a shower

IMO Marble (11 weeks), nimby(10 weeks) and maybe granet(11 weeks) are ready to be out in the house with moe and neo. They are getting HUGE and are comfortable with playing ruff with moe and neo. Stormy and Blizzy could use alittle more mommy time. I'm going to try to kitten proof the whole house tonight and let marble and nimby roam the house this whole weekend and see how they do!
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LOL sounds like te mornings here with my 6 little ones. The only one I know where he is at all times is Frankie. Everyone is like bolts of lightning!

Keep your chin up as they won't be babies for too much longer.
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Sounds liek they just wanted to play "Tag" with you!
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Ha ha, a game of "Let's Drive Mom Nuts!" We play that here all the time, and all of these guys are grown!

I am so glad that the kittens are doing well, it sounds like they're a load of fun. I miss all the kitten energy we had here when ours were little...they grow up so fast!
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Sounds like my house! Sometimes I have to lure them in from the screened in porch by shaking the Pounce can. It works!
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my guys don't under stand treat noises yet i tried opening another can of food but they just ingored it!
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