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12 yr old cat/not eating

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my 12 year old male cat did puke some water up but then was fine. Then did puke a small amt of liquid with some hair on another day.. Has not eaten. Now he sitting in the cellar by the dehumidifier and watching the water at the end of hose. He did have blood work last year and he did seem okay. Is it kidney failure? He sits on my bed and seems very happy but wants to be with me more?
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It could be any one of a dozen things, although at that age, the likeliest is a urinary tract infection or blockage. He needs to see the vet ASAP; he could be in serious pain, if it's a blockage.
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A cat's health can change very fast, and blood work a year ago means nothing now. Please bring your kitty to the vet and have new bloodwork done. What you describe sounds like kidney failure, but there are many other things it could be, too.

The earlier trouble is found, the more likely you can do something to help. For instance CRF (Kidney disease) is not curable but it is manageable with fluids and diet.

Please keep us posted on (what's his name?)
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He had that in the past but just had urine tested he was fine. He has been drinking Tons of water and peeing huge amounts for months now. So my gut tells me Kidney.
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Get him to the vet! There is plenty that can be done for him to keep him comfortable for years, if caught early enough. My CRF kitty was in renal failure for three years. If it weren't for the strokes, she'd still be with me. I know another 22 year old kitty who's been in kidney failure since she was 15. Still living a good quality of life.
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Buddy. His blood was done on 2/20/2009.
Everything was fine though Total protein was 8.7 (5.9-8.5) range Bun was 35 (15-34) range Monocytes 5 (1-4%) All of these were flagged. When I talked to the vet she said all the results were good. Having a few slightly high items i thought meant something!
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The point is,Buddy is sick and needs to see the vet. blood work in February means nothing today.

Ootay had blood perfect blood work one June. Two months later she had a UTI and I brought her back to the vet, vet wanted to do blood work again. I trust my vet. Blood work showed early stage kidney failure. Two months after perfect blood work.

The thing is, it may not be kidney failure. It could be diabetes. It could be cancer. You won't know until you bring him in.

Please do bring Buddy to the vet, and keep us updated.
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As mentioned, bloodwork can change very quickly. That's why vets will have a recheck on bloodwork done in two weeks after they've started the pet on antibiotics or whatever medicine, to see how it's working.
Buddy needs to get to the vet as soon as possible, not eating can have severe effects on cats and it's better to get it looked at soon instead of waiting for more symptoms.
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Regardless of what the blood work showed back in February 2009, your kitty is sick, now! Your kitty needs to be taken to the doctor again. None of us can help you diagnose your kitty online because none of us are veterinarians and your kitty needs to have more blood taken, now, to determine what is going on with him, now.

Your kitty is a senior and a senior cat's health can turn practically overnight. So please, take your kitty to the doctor to see what is wrong with him. Puking and not eating are not good signs.
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He's going at 11am today EST in Connecticut
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Originally Posted by batrice View Post
He's going at 11am today EST in Connecticut
That's very good, thanks for letting us know! Please do let us know what you find out, when you get home with Buddy.
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My Coco has CRF and I found out last Sept.
It does sound like it could be CRF but there are other things that have the same symptons.
I hope the vet goes well.
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Well Buddy was examined. I said check the teeth as sometimes it seems he has trouble chewing or something. She said gums were slightly red and teeth had moved but there was nothing you can do with that. She gave him a shot of amoxcillin and an anti nausea shot. Its not diabetes. I thought hairballs but then from my own experience they just keep vomiting he's not doing that. She suggested laxatone. What was odd was that he would sit by the food crouch down but not eat and seemed like he was falling asleep. His stomach felt fine she said. Will get the bloodtests back tues. I have been feeding him California natural dry but mainly wet food wellness canned. Always believed in canned food. She said try Science Diet. I said NEVER!!
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Just got blood tests back. Bad news. Bun is 86 normal 34 Creat is 9.5 normal is 2.3 Phos normal is 7 his is 7.9. has enemia 29-45 normal his is 26. Bringing him in for fluids today and tommorrow. It does not look good. Very surprising for 12 years old. Perhaps urinary tract infection caused it or its just the way it goes. I'n Very upset!
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Okay, now I want to give you some advice. Take a deep breath!

first, don't freak out. It is a shock to find out your cat has kidney disease. And while CRF is not curable, there are treatments you can do to keep him comfortable and happy for some time to come.

You can learn to do the sub q hydration at home. You can put him on special kidney diet. There are medications and supplements for anemia and elevated phosphorus, if special diet doesn't control these things.

My little Ootay stayed happy for three years after her CRF diagnosis. In fact she'd still be with me if it weren't for stroke.

So, bring him in for his fluids and ask to be trained on how to do it at home. We can help you, with support, advice and technique.

Supplies can be purchased through a regular pharmacy (with a prescription written by your vet) saving you a lot of money.

Please keep us posted!
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Thank you for that. But the vet said his blood work is not good. He had blood work in Feb 2009. There was a spec of elevation then but from now till then its gotten bad. Perhaps when we did the blood work back in Feb and the vet said everything was fine then and did not mention possible early kidney disease he could have been treated. I had a copy of the blood work and noticed it. He's been drinking enormous amounts of water and peeing for about 2 years now, So its like he had this for a couple years. He barely eats and spits up now and then. I'll do what I can do but it seems inevitable. I cannot give him fluids as he spits at me at times and is more of a rambunchous cat. We we pulled his skin up it seemed very hydrated. But when the test came back with anemia it was not good. This all just suddenly happened a few days ago and he started to go down hill very fast. He barely eats and to start stuffing different pills etc down him I feel is a bit late.I do not want to prolong his agony but want him remain comfortable.
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I know you will do what is best for Buddy and you. Whatever happens, whichever choices you make, you have friends and support here. Most of us have been where you are today, in one situation or another, and know what you are feeling.

All paws crossed for Buddy, here.

Please keep us posted.
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well been at the vet for more liquids. Getting hard on the cat to pull him from a deep sleep and bring him to the vet. He was given some other things in a shot to help him. Did xrays also. All seemed ok. I think what happened is he was peeing out of the box and in the box for years outside meaning on the carpets etc. I thought it was more a territorial thing with his sister. That went on for a while. I then saw blood on hair. So I brought him in he had a urinary infection. I then insisted on a culture and sensitivity. Rather than wait to see if diff pills work lets get to it. He had very bad bacteria. He never goes outside. So i treated that. All seemed okay and just had a urinery test done last month. But when I had them take blood back in feb 2009 since he started drinking tons of water and urinating alot back in august 2008 which I mentioned but no one did anything. The blood test showed barely anything though a few things were a point or 2 over. Nothing was said and left as that. I always get hold of my cats tests so thats how I knew that. Since he stopped eating friday I brought him in Monday and insisted on a blood test. The vet said its good you did it its bad. 12 highs and 4 low counts. So I feel the bacteria which he must have had for a while prior could have gotten in and damaged his kidneys years back. The vet said it could be from other things as well. Anyway I'm doing what I can and decided to give the cat a day off from injections . He gets so upset going there and I do not feel he was that enemic yet. I'm not waiting and I know flushing out the first week is good. But he needs to recoop. He had a chem 27 blood test I wish there was someone on here that we could share blood tests with
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