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Drop trap I made

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Just wanted to share the drop trap I made I based it off a friends, and this is the final result:

Side view (I've trapped 2 pussy cats!!)

Front view - kitty walks in (I would normally have a bowl of wet food there)

Bit further, but her tail would get caught if I dropped it here

Perfect! At this point, I'd pull a rope from my hiding place which would be attached to the tubing propping up the trap, trap goes down and kitty is caught.

Then you'd throw a sheet/towel over the cage to calm down the freaking out kitty a bit, put a regular trap up to the door (the door size is based on a trap door)

And then the kitty would eventually go through the door into the trap. The regular trap is generally less scary than the drop trap, so they'd stay in there anyway, but you'd still pull the door down pretty fast to make sure they don't go back in.

The other trap I had used previously had wooden supports all around it, and the kitty would smash its face into the wood and hurt their noses and it made it more rigid so the kitty wouldn't go into the door with the trap. With this style, you can use the towel to kind of push the cat into the corner with the door.

It's pretty straightforward to make, but all the zip tying is a pain in the butt!!
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Hey, pretty cool! I've never actually seen a drop trap. That looks really good!
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That looks awesome, Sara. Great job! I've never used a drop trap, but several folks I know who do TNR swear by them.
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Looks awesome to me too - let's catch a Gigi!
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Great job. Thanks for sharing. You people who rescue are my heros.
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Haha I bet Lily and Stumpy were impressed!

That looks like an awesome trap!
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Very cool Sarah - the transfer door is great!
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Prettie Good sarah!..
I´m tempted to copy the model for fun to my kitts!.. seems very easy!..
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A lot of thought went into that design - and, it looks like your hard work has paid off - are you taking orders?
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