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Seems the script has been written. The administration is saying the exact same things about Iran that they did about Iraq - WMD, must stop nuclear program, terrorist support, oppressive regime. So far they are saying that the international community must make it clear that we will not abide Iran having a nuclear weapons program, and are pushing diplomacy. But for how long? Already there is backlash saying that Bush is meddling in their internal affairs where he doesn't belong.

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One word.

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Not again!
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My son would go this time!
NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!1
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4 words.

I can't believe this
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5 words...

We don't want another war!!!!!!
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What now???????

What is Bush REALLY up to?
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Many words...

Honestly, it seems to me we are going after the countries whom we can pound the snot out of. For me, the main question is why aren't we going after Korea? They have nuclear weapons and they seem willing to use them against their enemies. Or what about China? They have WMD too, but you don't hear too much about them.

If we were to enter a war with China or Korea, many more soldiers would lose their lives. Also, we would have to face the very real possibility of nuclear war. Instead, the administration goes after targets that we have a good chance of "beating".

I think it's rather clear that the US is not very well thought by the Arab countries. Instigating a war or a military exercise in Iran will just make things worse. Maybe it's time for the US to step back from being the enforcer of the world and take a good hard look at what we've done. I don't think we've been liberators, I think we've been bullies.
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I'm not american and i don't live in america, so my views may be a little.... different

I can't say i agree with bush, but i will say this: Tony Blair has a point.

And his sentiments that, if the international community falters now, they will seriously diminish their credibility in dealing with the threat posed by nuclear capable nations in the future.

I believe that Blair really does have faith in this cause, as he says, for the greater good. I think the Bush administrations motives remain in need of some further clarification.
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First about Iraq: I have mixed feelings about this whole war thing. My husband is Iraqi and most Iraqi's wanted the war if it could be done quickly. I personally think Saddam definately needed to go but the way Bush went about it was just a show of muscle flexing. I think he has a personal agenda. He's taking the big bad wolf approach. And where the heck IS Saddam?? Osama?? Saddam IS a weapon of mass destruction himself. But this wasn't the time or way to do this.

Iran: Iran claims their nuclear program is for energy only. I heard a report 1-2 months ago where the Iranian government said they are willing to have inspectors go check it out. But now our government is telling us it's weapons Iran is producing and Iran doesn't want inspections. HA! Who the heck do we believe?? I think Mr. Bush is a dangerous man.

Someone said "I think we've been bullies." The way I look at it, Bush and much of our government are the ones who have been and are the bullies. It's all so confusing and has caused a lot of havoc. We should be taking care of Palestine and Israel first. And I won't get into that...except to say, Bush, Sharon and Arafat make good bedfellows. (Don't shoot me!)

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