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Please help me name the kittens

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The kittens are 2 weeks old today and it is time they have names. I like to name them in pairs, except for the orange guy who is alone in color. So far the two black and white ones have names. Both are female but have masculine names (I don't think they mind). Any ideas are appreciated

Monroe (we may keep)


Grey male (also the largest at 14 oz!)

Grey female (we may keep)

Orange male

We are going to keep one and haven't made up our mind yet.
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aww, they're so cute! I say for the grey ones, Bonnie & Clyde =0) For the orange Whisky I absolutely adore the grey female!
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I think the more solid gray looks like a Grizzly . (Griz)

It's hard though, you have to know their personalities I've always changed my kittens names when they grew into cats.
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Whisky is a cute name, he is a fiesty guy! I love Bonnie and Clyde but we have used that in the past and I can't stand the thought of replacing Clyde (he ran away when we moved and we have never found him).
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Too bad I'm not very creative Um... let's see... for your large grey male, I was thinking maybe Bear or Brother Bear (like the Disney movie if you ever saw it) Maybe Socks, if his back feet are white too, if not, how about Globes (Gloves with a B)

The grey female is so pretty! : Duchess, Tory, Scarlett (she has that elegant look lol)

And for the orange guy... Brazil, Tigger, Bo

Sorry, I'm not very good... it's OK if you don't like the names. I'd like to know what you thought. I'm not a sensitive person so don't worry about hurting my feelings or anything

But I must say, those kittens are all so beautiful... you have a hard choice ahead of you!
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How about Kenai and Nita (from Brother Bear 2 since someone suggested that) or Kenai and Koda! OH I LOVE THAT!
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I really like Kenai and Koda! Thank you!!
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What do you think of Atticus and Jem for the grey pair and Whiskey for the orange male? Now I want to keep them all
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Oh! Atticus and Jem from To Kill a Mockingbird Cute! Why didn't I think of those? That is my favorite book, too! Yeah, I definitely think Atticus and Jem are great names. DEFINITELY.

Whiskey is a good name. I still vote Tigger lol but Whiskey IS a nice name
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Those are cute names too (although I'm still fonder of Kenai and Koda, LOL!) and I think Whisky would be perfect =0)
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awww, they're all so cute! here are the first names that came to mind for them...

orange male - Sunny (short for Sunshine, he has a sweet little sunshine face)

gray female - Lily (she's pretty and delicate like a flower)

gray male - Sam or Maximus (strong name for a big boy)

Monroe reminds me so much of my Seymour
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I like the name Monroe for the first one.. it has a mole like Marilyn Monroe - ha ha
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