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Bittersweet day here

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We are preparing to move and part of the preparation meant finally deconstructing the enclosure I made for Ginger to raise her babies in on our front porch. Wow, I had no idea the emotions it would bring with it. My intention was never to do anything more than love Ginger and let her have her babies in a safe place, find them loving homes and make sure that they and she not add to the pet overpopulation. I had no idea that her furrever home would be with us, as well as one of her babies. As she watched me take apart the enclosure I talked to her about it, and how it was quite an adventure to bring her into our lives and wait for her to show her babies to me after 18 long days of waiting. She seemed to understand that this was really it, her baby making days are really over, she will never have to go without again. Her furrever home is here with us. I truly felt like I accomplished what I set out to do and so much more.

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Awwww! I remember when she moved in and the ensuing adventure.
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