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I don't understand where her aggression is coming from.

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My boyfriend and I have a 1 year old tabby, who is quirky and generally sweet. He and the cat get along just fine, and it seems as though she treats him very well. When it comes to me, however, my cat is an absolute terror. Any time I get up to clean or to wash dishes, or walk into another room, I am guaranteed to be bitten by my cat. It's not a bite that causes bleeding or a lot of pain, but the real issue is that it happens anyway. I could be standing, minding my own business, she will circle me, and then bit my feet or my ankles. Sometimes she'll even leap onto my leg, and latch on while biting me. This never, on any occasion, happens to my boyfriend. It doesn't matter the time of day, and it doesn't matter if my boyfriend is or is not around. She always does it. A full bowl, a clean box, fresh water -- and she still bites. This has been going on since she was a few months old, and it hasn't gotten any better. I have tried removing her from the area for a while and having her "calm" down. I have tried loud noises, and even a spray bottle on a few occasions. None of that has worked. This is starting to interfere with my life, as I no longer feel I can do anything with my cat around. Most of all, it affects my feelings towards her. I love her dearly, but she is horrible to me.

There is no hissing involved when she does this...but I assume she is upset. the wagging tale, the body language -- she is obviously upset, I just don't know about what. My boyfriend and I discussed having her spend more time with me...since whenever I am home, I stay as far away from her as possible (if I am in one room, I close the door, so she can't come in). But the way she acts makes it so I have no desire to be near her. We entertained the idea of getting another cat so she can have a companion, but I don't think it'll solve her behavior towards me. I have no idea why I have become the victim and my boyfriend gets along just fine. I haven't done anything wrong to my knowledge, I never got physically aggressive, never yelled at her, nothing. I am at a complete loss. I am getting to the point where if it continues, either I am leaving or the cat is leaving. She is an adult now, and I have no idea what to do as far as discipline goes.
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Are you certain it's aggression & not playing?

One of mine is fairly clueless when it comes to kitty behavior & when playing her tail is lashing/ear flat back/she looks aggressive.
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I agree she may be trying to get you to play with her. Believe me, if a cat wants to bite you out of aggression, you WILL bleed! Does your boyfriend play with her? If so, and you don't, she's probably just trying to get your attention.

I can understand not wanting to be bit all the time and not wanting to be around her that much, but if you're ignoring her basically, that is probably what's causing it. Especially since you said she starts by circling your feet (trying to get you to see her).

I would suggest getting a laser pointer and playing with her. That will cause interaction between the two of you but at a safe distance. Or even one of those feather wands you can get at any petstore (or dollar store for that matter).

Good luck! I don't think your cat hates you, I think she's just feeling neglected.
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My kitten does this to me and its usually because she wants to play and wants attention...
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I agree, it sounds like she wants to play. My cat does this to me all the time, when they wag their tails, it doesn't necessarily mean anger but excitement/play. She wants your attention
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