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Dusty is our resident 6 yr. old spayed female. Squeak is the new arrival - a black DSH kitten about 4 mo. We got Squeak about the first week of Aug., so we've had her about 6 wks. now.

Dusty was a stray that adopted us, so she's an in/out cat. Squeak has never been outside. Dusty used to sleep on our patio furniture all day. Now she goes out in the morning and only comes home to eat - maybe once, twice during the day, and sometimes not until night. She has stayed out all night when she won't come in before I'm headed for bed. This new behavior bothers me, but more on that later.

Squeak is indoor only. She is a bundle of kitten energy. She absolutely loves to torment Dusty. Dusty is not playful. Never has played, though she used to hunt until a couple of years ago. She ate her prey, most of the time.

Dusty was diagnosed with CRF in Feb., and has been on Calcitriol 2X week. She was very skinny - 6 lbs compared to her initial weight when we first got her at 8 lbs.

Interestingly Dusty is gaining weight since Squeak arrived. It's like she is in competition with the kitten for food, so she is eating more. I'm guessing her weight at over 7 lbs now.

So now it's been a few weeks since Squeak arrived. Squeak wants to play with Dusty, but Dusty will have none of that. As long as Squeak isn't being aggressive, all is well. They will touch noses and not be aggressive. But Squeak wants to play with Dusty, and she will bait her until she explodes in a fit of hissing and swatting, and sometimes growling.

They both sleep with us at night, and as long as they are a few inches apart and Squeak doesn't try to antagonize Dusty, it's a quiet night.

So, bottom line, on one hand Squeak has made Dusty healthier by gaining weight and wanting to leave the sanctinity of our yard. On the other hand Dusty doesn't feel safe in our house because Squeak can attack without notice.

I'm hoping we did the right thing by getting Squeak, but I worry about Dusty feeling insecure in the home she had to herself.