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Take part in the new design of TCS!

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As some of you may know, work is under way behind the scenes to revamp the whole look and feel of TheCatSite.com (the whole site - not just the boards). The launch of the new design is planned for our 3rd birthday on September

I need guinea pigs for a small usability test to start with.

Have a look at the navigation bar found at this link:

What I need to know is - are those links meaningful for you as a user. When click a link - is that what you expected to find? If you've never visited anything but the forum please mention this (it makes you a better guinea pig for my purposes

Please note - one link is not functional yes - the one named "cat fun". It's meant to lead users to a section of articles that are "on a lighter note". Fun stories and poems relating to the joy of cat ownership.

Let me know what you think about the wording of those links - is it clear, meaningful, would you suggest something else (bear in mind it has to be short).

Oh and comment on the design are welcome as well but please focus on usability. The design may well change and be very different from what you see it.

Thank you!!!
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Anne, it was very clear to me. I am a very casual browser of the rest of The Cat Site, mostly use the forums, and looking at those links, I found a few I didn't know were there!

I like the separation into "levels", and sub sections; it gives more emphasis to the various sections.
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Very easy to use. As I have said, the varying colors makes everything stand out more. Never thought I would be sick of blue in my lifetime!
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i also thought it was easy to use, and i went where i expected. i usually stick to the forums, but i did check out the other areas on the proposed design.
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I think it was very nice. It was easyt o find everything and the colors are nice, not intense like some other places...
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I like it, very easy to use.
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You already know i like this a lot. Reminds me of a recipe file. Everything organized and easy to find. Like Deb I was tiring of blue blue blue!
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Hi Anne

One thing that I have always noticed, and notice that you also do on the new nav bar, is that you have your 'home' link on the left of the bar instead of the right. The only reason I mention this is because traditional and most-common-practice web design is to have a link to 'home' on the rightmost area of the nav instead of the left. So as far as usability I tend to think that people expect it to be near the right instead of the left.

Just a thought. Other than that I like it!
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It's cleaner, but is it possible to get a cleaner looking font?
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I have visited all of the site, but I usually only go to the forums. I really like the look of the navigation bar and I agree with Deb25 that the various colors make everything stand out more. When I clicked on the links I found exactly what I expected to see, with the exception of the misc link, I wasn't expecting to find Meowhoo when I clicked on it. I wanted to suggest giving Meowhoo it's own special link, but still include a misc link on the navigation bar.
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As to what Catsplay.com says about the homepage link, I don't find it a problem really. I have been to sites that have it all over the page (right, left, top, bottom, middle top, etc etc). If you need it, you'll find it. And if not, there is always a "back" button on your computer! lol That's just my opinion tho.

Also about the colors, maybe a couple of complimentery colors would be nice like on the forums pages, different colors for different topics (ie. General forums in one color, Our Feline Companions in another, etc). Just an idea. Good luck with getting this all done!
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A Very Nice, Simple, and Classy Design. Two 's up.
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Like I said in the mod lounge earlier, I think it looks very good! Can't wait for it to launch.
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OMG I think I am going Dyslexic!! I just re-read my comment and realized I got right and left totally confused!!!!!!!

I meant that you currently have your home link on the RIGHT and I think the natural tendency is to expect it on the LEFT.

ARGH! sorry about that!!
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The new design is very user freindly!
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Like I said, the design is bound to change (well not bound too - but it's a possibility ). I'm glad everyone finds the links usable. Thanks for the input on the home tab Amy - you're right and I'm going to change that. I'll let you all know as it goes along - thanks again!
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Bit late in replying, kittens on my hands!! LOL

I've browesed the site casually, really mainly when Misty was preganant and I was looking for info. The new set up looks great and I thought it was clear and very easy to follow.
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