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Haven't been able to check in for a few days... such great news about your kitty!!! I'm so glad he's back!!!

It's of course a very good sign that he's still eating, and hopefully he will tolerate the antibiotics. Just wondering which one are you using, and for how long?

The skin can look pretty raw once an abscess opens and drains, and usually stays bald for awhile - sometimes cats will lose some hair from around the wound too, which can make it look larger than it is.

To answer your question, yes, sometimes an abscess will heal on it's own, but antibiotics, and cleaning the abscess are always a good idea. So, you're doing the right thing for this kitty with the meds and trying to apply a topical, and it's all that you can do on your own.

He's a good little guy to let you put meds on the wound - just make sure it's nothing that will irritate the skin, since that's sensitive right now. Keep doing these things 'til you can get him to the vet.

In the meantime, have you tried getting him to walk into an oversized carrier? If you can get one meant for a medium sized dog, and you can get the kitty to walk all the way in by putting his food at the very back of it, you might be able to just swing the door to the carrier closed behind him.

Tru-catch traps are also very good, though most people tend to use Havahart or Tomahawk. The Tru-catch is a little larger (and thus a little heavier) than the others, but the door closes so quietly that many times cats are not even aware of it and keep eating!

If these options aren't feasible, just continue to use your trap. Make sure it's on level ground so it doesn't "rock" when your cat walks into it, and use a lightweight cardboard that's cut to fit the bottom (but not on the trip plate). This will make it comfortable for him to walk on. You can disguise the cardboard with dirt and/or scatter some leaves on it. Test the trap a couple of times to make sure it's working properly.

Knowing your little guy is back has made my day!!!
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Awww thats so nice of you to say.

Yeah, I was overjoyed to see him - my whole body felt this jolt of energy when i realized it was really him.

This morning the site doenst look any bigger (it was getting bigger up until maybe a few days ago). BUT the opening itself is bigger now - it all looks much cleaner though since cleaning it.

You mentioned the area will be bald while the abscess drains - however this literally is his skull Im seeing with red over it - its not bloody but Im assuming this is blood. that actually startled me a bit to see. But Im wondering is this what you are referring to or you mean skin - not bone???

That is a good idea to use a regular cage - maybe he will be more likely to just walk into that instead of a metal trap. I will try that - actually i will feed him from it a few days before vet day.

I was told to just grab him by the back of the neck and place him in a carrier - although i would need help and that for me would be very scary - plus the stress he would endure....

So i have a few more options to try....

I cant remember the name of hte antibotic - it is white and I think begins with a "c" ????? He probably has another day or 2 on it before it is empty. but the vet will give me more if needed - I just dont know how to know if more is needed.

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