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Has anyone had a negative response after putting their kitty on Clomicalm to treat indoor urine spraying?

Our kitty Bud had been on Diazepam for years with no side effects except for the fact that he still sprayed ever now and then. Most of the time he just mimicked the spraying. Upon renewal of the prescription for Diazepam he decided to try Clomicalm instead. As soon as he started this new medication starting at 2.5 mg a day, he instantly became a zombie. I reduced it to 1.25 mg but he still remained zonked out most of the day. His personality was gone. He's only taken it for two weeks and has lost weight because he lost his appetite.

Well, I severed the Clomicalm instantly. I know you're not supposed to do that but I'm scared to death to give him another pill.

This morning he threw up his food although he's back to his old self. Although he's lost weight, he's back to his affectionate self and is active and exploring around the house. He doesn't look sick except for the weight loss. I'm hoping that all this is related to the new medication.

Tomorrow, I'm calling the vet, for an appointment for a complete check-up and blood tests.
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I did some reaserch on it because I was considering it to help Kasey settle in a year and a half ago.

I declined it because anything I read indicated it was for dogs and there was some question that it would not react well to a cat's system.

I was lucky, Kasey settled in on her own.
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