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I Need Advice on Cat Dieting

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I have two cats... Huckleberry (3y/o)and Levi (2y/o). Huckleberry weighs about 11-12 pounds while Levi weighs about 17 pounds. I really want to put Levi on a diet, and I've tried since I moved a month ago. The only problem is the apartment complex I live in doesn't allow cats, my friend is the manager so she let me sneak them in.
I've tried to feed Levi less... but the less I feed Levi the less I feed Huckles. When I feed them, and they walk away from the food I put it away. And then an hour or 2 after feeding them, Levi starts crying for more food. I try not to put more out, but there's only so much crying before I start to think my neighbors will hear it and complain that I have pets. So obviously to fix the crying I feed him again.
I'm using Meow Mix right now... which one of my friends told me is like fast food for cats. I'm willing to use a different cat food, just don't know which one. What would you advise?
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diet from dry to wet, I found they lost weight. They were not grazing all day. Just breakfast, small lunch and dinner. This happened with my son's cats as well. He had a HUGE male named Shadow. Sneaker, his house mate, also was very large. They both are now a more resonable weight. Take a look at the nutrition forum. You will find all sorts of info there.
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Just like humans, cats need more exercise and lower carbs in their diet. It's not an easy transition, but you CAN do it!!

Go to scheduled feedings of a set amount of food daily. This allows you to regulate how much they eat. Use one cup for each cat so each one is eating the appropriate amount of food. Chances are the one who weighs less will require less food at the beginning. Once the cup is empty, there is no more for the day. I found my girl was eating mainly out of boredom.

Gradually switch from an all-dry diet (if that's what you're feeding) to an all-wet or wet supplemented with dry. Most dry food is loaded with carbs and just like with humans, high carb consumption can pack on the pounds.

Introduce play time. They will not like having their food cut, but distract the whining and asking for food by playing with them using an interactive toy like some kind of feather or wand toy. We love Da Bird in my house as they really stalk it and "kill" it.

Be prepared for the disapproval of your new feeding routine. They will come beg for food. They will cry and whine about it. Stay strong and just tell them, "It's not time for your food yet". What I learned over the 3 years I was getting Callie to lose weight was I had to get comfortable telling her "No." I know she's not starving and she's getting enough to eat. Now, she'll go lay in her feeding spot and fall asleep waiting! After awhile she gets the hint that there is no food coming at the moment and will go find a more comfy spot to settle down in. I'm the human and I'm responsible for her feeding schedule and amount. I'm really the one who needs a change in behavior.
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Talk to YOUR Cats VET .... wt loss should be done under a VETS Guidence
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Hey, thank you both for advice... what kind of wet food do you suggest? And also does changing the food make a difference in their digestion (diarrhea)?
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