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Not sure what to do.. please offer opinions

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We have a needy kitten who turns 1 at the end of the month, we're first time cat servants. My husband is home during the day with her so she is used to company, she hasn't been left alone for more than 1 night. Perhaps she is a little spoiled.

We have guests for the first time this weekend and Libby has been hiding since they arrived, she is terrified.

My dilemma is that we are going away for 12 days in a few weeks and are unsure whether to leave her here with a daily visit from a cat sitter, or put her in Pet Smart Pet Hotel. Unfortunately, we don't have any friends/family in this area. We were leaning towards boarding her because she would have company from the employees and we're afraid she'll be lonely all by herself in the apartment. But after seeing her reaction to my 2 guests (my parents), I'll think she'll hide from the pet sitter and I'm worried she'd freak out at the Pet Hotel.

What would you do?

Thank you so much for your opinions, I'm agonizing over this decision...
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It is quite common for cats to hide from strangers. I have over a dozen living here in my home and when strangers come, you can't find one cat. I would never board any of my cats regardless. Instead, find a qualified cat sitter- not just someone who says they are a cat sitter, but one who has joined NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters OR talk to the local vet offices and see if any of the vet techs will come in and pet sit for you. These are the people who know how to deal with the sort of situation that you are describing. Boarding is stressful and cats are much more comfortable in their own home. You can PM me if you like for tips on what to leave behind to keep your kitty from missing you
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Totally agree with Hissy.
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I too would never board, simply because I know my cats and know being in their own environment is whats best. Usually our next door neighbor is the one to stop by and feed them but I have a couple others who will do the task and the cats know them and approve of them as well--I try to avoid using my parents if I can, solely because my cats don't tolerate my mom well, I think they sense she doesn't care for them that much--well she says she doesn't but she's a closet cat lover.

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We went on vacation once for a week, and had no one to care for them. We boarded them. None of them ate there, they were TERRIFIED, and they all lost a lot of weight in a short period of time.

Cats are ALL about territory, and it is not primarily people that make them happy, it is being in an area that is familiar and smells "right" (and being with their people ) that makes them happy.

Your needy kitten will be fine - PM hissy for tips on how to help her. But staying where she knows is best for her.
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When I go away, I board my two girls. I think that it is better because I have two of them who get to share a nice large cage and their familiar scratching posts. I couldn't leave them here alone even for a night. There is no one who I would trust to come into my house to take care of them. I really like the lady who I board the girls with and I have never had a problem with her. The girls are usually very happy to be home after being boarded, but have never actually seemed traumatized.
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Thanks for the info. I guess I'm just worried about leaving her home because she is a solo pet- no buddies to keep her company.
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