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Need Advice ?

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Hi Everyone i am new to this forum

I have a problem that i need some advice and reflections about.

I am a new breeder with 3 NFC cats and one of my breeding females got a cronich URI and as soon as she gets her URI back then she gives it to my other 2 cats .I don´t know what to do i am thinking of replacement but who want´s a cat that is chronichal ill or should i "send her to the other side of the rainbow bridge " ?
I really don´t know what to do the only thing i know for certian is that i must do something

Please give me some suggestions
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I know some cats get uri's frequently unless you treat all the cats in the house. Ask the vet to extend the treatment by 2 weekd to knock out ALL this stubborn URI.

You must also switch to glass or ceramic dishes as plactic will harbor bacteris. Wash your walls to remove the virus as well as the floors, and don't forget the bedding. Toys shoudl also be washed in a mild bleach solution and allowed to air dry. Make sure to clean their litter boxex well with hot water and bleach to kill the germs there too.

Lastly bathe each cat and blow them dry to remove any germs in their coats and faces. This should be done monthly even if they are not showing symptoms.

I hope this helps. By the way what is NFC?
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I would guess it's Norwegian Forest Cats...
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Wow they are beautiful...SEND PICTURES!
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I hate to sound dumb here, but what is a URI?
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First off.... separate you cats!
Make sure the one with chronic URI's is away from the other 2.
It may also be that the one who is suffering is getting them from one of the others..
Then find out exactly what kind of infection is going on, you'd be more apt to treat it more effectively that way.

Definately change bowls.... Stainless is the safest bet, anything but plastic.

You may not be aware, but URI's can be brought on by stress, a cat's stress level affects ALOT of it bodily functions, so it is VERY possible that rehomming it to a single pet household will help tremendously, but you have to know if your cat is stressed.

I don't want to sound mean, but, as breeders, I think our 1st responsibility is for the health and welfare of our cat's. Simply putting one down because of something like this, to me, is not an option.

That's part of what makes breeding so expensive, we have a resposibilty to do whatever we can to treat the cats in our care, pets or not. If we can't deal with that, then we shouldn't be breeding.

I know there are lots of breeders out there that would not agree with me, but hey, that's what separates breeders from ethical breeders.

I would be more than happy, as I'm sure anyone here, to help as much as we can, so please do let us know how the situation is going and never hesitate to ask a question.
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Originally posted by nighteyes
I hate to sound dumb here, but what is a URI?
Upper Respiratory Infection


University of Rhode Island
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Thank you,
I am fairly new to computers, and cat forums. Not up on abbreviations(lol)
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I like the 2nd version of URI Ken .. .

This is sad, I love NFC & NFK ( That's the kitten type) and I'm really sorry because I don't know how to help.

Go with the great advice given


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