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Okay, I'm desperate.

My neighbor's have an unspayed female cat who lives outside 24/7. She has had 4 litters in 1 year. I've taken in all the litters, fostered them, and adopted them to loving homes. I've given the "owners" step-by-step info about how to get their cat spayed at the low-cost clinic. They always have an excuse. I have been given a very kind donation to get Precious spayed!!! She will be spayed this coming Friday.

Precious had a litter of kittens about 8 weeks ago. I have been given enough donations that I can get all of the babies spayed/neutered at the low-cost clinic. I just need a foster home for them. I've contacted 25 rescues and nobody can take them in. I cannot take them in because 1) I am not allowed to bring anymore cats into my home 2) I have a large dog who attacks kittens 3) I have no room to isolate kittens in 3) One of my cats has health issues that would make it unsafe for these kittens to be around that cat.

So, if anyone out there in the NE Ohio area has room in their home and heart to foster 5 kittens, please let me know. Again, I know this is a stretch, but I'm really desperate. I've saved all the other litters, so I cannot give up on this one. All of the vetting and transport will be taken care of by me.