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Is Vitamin D poisonous to cats?

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Mom left some pills a little bit ago on her dresser (they were inside a pill box). Top Cat managed some off when she wasn't looking and ate part - about one eighth - of a vitamin pill and another - vitamin D - is missing.We think he may have eaten the vitamin D pill. Is there anything I should do beside keep an eye on him? Just in case, I think I have the emergency pet poison hotline (or whatever the name of it is) in my cat books.
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Call the local posion control hotline as many of the national ones charge per call

IMHO call the local er vet and ask ... I would be wary as this is a fat souble vitamin
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I read my mom exactly what you posted and now she's not sure he ate it. She thinks he may have just played with it. I've tried looking around her room and so far don't see anything.

I don't know about any local poison control number. Is there a way to search for one? If not, the only ones I have on hand are the cost ones.

Right now he looks fine. But I've been pushing my mom with questions about how much she really knows about what he may have eaten. She picked up the other pills from the floor including the nibbled on multivitamin pill.

What kills me is after getting me out of bed and panicking me, she keeps saying more now that she doesn't think he really ate it. If so, why get me all riled up? She knows I've been through a lot with my kitties. Mons passed away, Luna has skin allergies, and TC recently hurt his arm so bad I had to get him stitches. So of course I worry.
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Look online and the poison control number will come up.
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I forgot to post that about 15-20 minutes ago, mom found the pill on her bed. Apparently, he dragged it that far without eating it.

Edit: Of course, I'm still taking this seriously. We were just fortunate this time.
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So the only concern is now mostly for the small part he may or may not have ate? What form of vitamin D were the pills? D and D2 are not as worrying as D3 since his body would have to convert the first two to D3.

If you're giving your kitty canned food you may want to try mixing some extra water in with it, or if you're not giving your cat any canned food - do so.
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