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What does "somebody" mean?

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Seriously, folks. Somebody. Some body. Humans have bodies. And cats have bodies, too. So if a person says somebody did something, would that not include cats? This morning I was informed that somebody had been peeing on the stairs. I was quick to defend myself in this unjust accusation. My English Professor wife (DW) then informed me that somebody meant one of the cats. This got me to thinking about the word somebody. My initial reaction was "it ain't me, babe, it must be you" but now that I think about the word I guess she was right in saying somebody. Do you think of your cat as being a somebody? Meanwhile, it is a long ways from our 3rd floor bedroom to the sub first floor cats' room and we still do not know who the somebody is. I SWEAR it is not me!
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Splitting hairs

Every ambulatory (and some stationary) being(s) has a body, therefore, 'somebody' can mean just that.

Perhaps a rogue 'somebody' entered your home to pee on the stairs as part of that 'somebody's' rougish routine?

Without proof beyond doubt, millions of 'somebodies' are now suspect
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I was talking to someone the other day. They're building this enormous pond and I said "I hope somebody doesnt fall in" they gave my a dirty look and I quickly informed them that I wasnt talking about a person somebody, but somebody like a deer or something. So yes, I think of my critters as a somebody! Heck, when talking about my animals I tend to refer to myself and them as we. "We've been trying lots of canned foods" means Ruby and I have been trying to figure out which she likes best, not myself and another person.
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Oh lord I use the term somebody when I am talking to the cats themselves.

As in they will all be sitting on the windowsill staring at me and I will say "I know somebody spilled the water dish now who was it"

Sassy and Pixie always look accusingly at Linus but I am starting to think that maybe they are setting him up........truth be know Sassy is always the one with the wet paw..
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Yup, my cats are somebodys also. Do you suppose it's time for a litter box upstairs? Somebody may be feeling their years and not want to walk that far anymore.

I have to admit though that I woke up to the sound of running water once and found DH asleep and one right turn shy of the bathroom. Had I not woke up the dog would have been blamed.
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LOL that is funny. I think generally when we think of somebody we think of people because people the ones who generally participate in the doing of things most often..although it CAN be a cat. It's a lot easier to think of a cat as somebody if you have more than one too..
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Maybe "they" made up that term.
You know, the "They" as in, "Well they always say..."They must be right becuase "they" say... I thnk its the one out of four dentists that confirm this really, you know what they say.
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I also refer to Bean as a Somebody sometimes.

I will open his can of food partially so he comes running and playfully say "Alright who was hungry again? I know somebody wanted this delicious food!" and I get a severly aggrevated meow.
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"Somebody" means, "Not me, maybe not you, but some other living being in this house."

But since cats have no conscience, don't expect any confessions.

And see your vet about a UTI, before your wife takes you in for a checkup.
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Maybe you are sleepwalking and missed the bathroom?

Depends on who really is in the house - people, cats, dogs, kids. Then "somebody" can apply to anyone in the house - human or animal........hmmmm people are animals it applies to any of the breathing bodies in the house as to who is the guilty one.

If you have a dog, you know the cats will ALWAYS blame the dog for whatever happens
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Hmmmm, I supposed if I had more than one cat, I feel like I would say "one of the cats peed on the stairs". That being said, I do think of Trout as a somebody, just not a human somebody.

Maybe I would say "some furry body" peed on the stairs

Who knows really
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Yes indeed, my cats are Somebodies for sure! We are all equal members of this household. I earn our livelihood, but they have Jobs too. Everyone contributes, so everyone is a Somebody!
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My cats are somebodies, especially when there is a mess made!
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In my house of two people and four cats, "somebody" could be either DH or Daisy. I use it often in sentences like "Somebody ate the last Hershey bar!" (DH); or "Somebody tore up an entire roll of paper towels!" (Daisy). Somebody is a great word, actually. It lets the guilty party know that you know who they are without coming right out and saying it.
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Originally Posted by nurseangel View Post
...Somebody is a great word, actually. It lets the guilty party know that you know who they are without coming right out and saying it.
Yes, but only if you pronounce it right. You have to put great emphasis on the first syllable, as in, "SUMMMmmmmbody's been unrolling the bathroom paper again..."
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All my animals are somebodies...At work I talk about them like they are my kids and everyone especially my regulars know I dont have 2 legged children and I mean my cats and the puppy...I think of them like people having human qualities about them and talk about them like they are people. The difference between them and us is merely physical...Why cant they be somebodies too..LOL..

**SOMEBODY just pulled down my wubbie blanket off the couch...Hmmmm(GIDGET) who would have done that!!!**
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Well, I know for sure that my furbabies certainly are not "some things" or "somethings" -

Our cats are pee-ple too!

Oh, I ditto the suggestion about checking out a possible UTI

Funny, - enjoyed the post, and the thread - thanks.
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