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Tiberius & PetsMart

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Decided to take Ty on a road trip today, since he likes riding in the car and going to new places.

First stop was the frame shop to pick up a new print we had matted and framed. The folks at the frame shop had never seen or heard of a bengal before, so I took Ty in and plopped him on the counter, so they could see a
real live bengal, not just the cartoonish print they had framed for us. See picture below.
They were quite impressed with him and his cool demeanor. He just wanted to play with everything on the counter.

Next stop was Petsmart, so Ty could pick out a few toys to accompany him on his journey to his new home in California next week. For those who don't know yet, Frances a TCS member is Ty's new owner.

Ty was a popular guest at Petsmart and the only cat in a virtual sea of dogs. I got a shopping cart, flipped down the child seat and placed Ty in that spot. He stayed there and rode around the place like the Pope in the Popemobile. People were just amazed that a cat would do that and enjoy it.
Ty particularly enjoyed the trip down the aquarium aisle, as he watched all the fish swimming. Next was the bird aisle. This is the only time I had to restrain him from leaping out of the cart. The birds look delicious, Ty's eyes and meows said to me. I thought we better go select some cat toys and looked down to see 3 little kids trailing my cart asking to pet Ty.
About that time a couple with a Great Dane rounded the corner and Ty came face to face with a dog big enough to gulp him down in one bite. They sniffed noses briefly and Ty gave me the let's get moving look.
On to the cat toy aisle where Ty selected two small electronic mice that squeek when touched or batted around and the obligatory Da-Bird refills.
Off to check out and wait in a long line where Ty was showered with attention, and admiration. The nice woman at the check-out played with Ty while I swiped my credit card and entered all the info.
A now worn out Ty curled up in the passenger seat for a nap all the way home.

Bengal print, artist titled "Wild Thang"
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I've got such a huge smile on my face after reading that! I wish there had been pictures to go with the story though.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I've got such a huge smile on my face after reading that! I wish there had been pictures to go with the story though.
I would have loved to see that!
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I would have loved to see pictures also.
My sister can not wait to get him next week.
I hope Ty and Cleo do not get called to the ring at the same time.
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Unfortunately pictures weren't an option. It was just me and Ty and no camera. I should have thought to bring the cell phone with a camera.

I plan to take Jack next time, so will take a camera for that trip.
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How fun!!

I was in PetSmart the other day, and a woman was pushing her cart with her dog in the main basket and her cat in the child seat. I stopped to talk to her about her cat liking to ride. She did not have the cat restrained in the cart at all, and the store will filled with dogs. She told me that she has never trained the cat to ride, but he likes car trips so much, that the moment she has keys in hand, he is rushing to the door! She says her cat trained her!
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I took my cats birdwatching at Petsmart after getting them their shots in the in-store clinic...they've never hunted for themselves, so it must just be hardwired into them that the feathery things are made out of meat. I think it's their Food Network. The rats and such were kind of sleepy that day and not very active, so the cats weren't very interested in that.
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I take Gigi to petsmart about once a week! She loves birdwatching too! I always get the comment..."I've never seen a cat walked on a leash before!!!"
She loves to climb the cat trees.
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I can't imagine my girls putting up with any of that...Sabina maybe, but she'd whine the whole time. Jin? Never. Ever. Tiberius sounds like quite the cool customer!
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I used to take my Cornie kitten, Tommy, to Petsmart. One of the clerks loved him (he went to live with a friend in PA who showed him). She would also want Tommy on her cash register.......literly!

Tommy would parade up and down the counter, on the register, and want to be petted by who ever was in line - he personally inspected what each pet's owner was buying for their pet as they were rung up.

He was a great hit and people were amazed that he had no desire to take off and run.
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That's so cool! Sounds like you've got an awesome cat.

I wonder if my Genever would like a trip to the pet store... She is very friendly and inquisitive and would probably like it but who knows. I do know that she's cool at the vet's office and would run around exploring the whole place if I would let her (cats are supposed to stay in their carriers), so she would probably enjoy a ride around a Petsmart/Petco. I've actually never been to the Petsmart by me, but I have been to Petco. Been meaning to check out Petsmart cos I hear they are cheaper. One of these days we shall experiment...
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Oh my gosh, that's so cool! Are most bengals like that? He sounds really awesome.
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