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Stray pregnant cat not drinking?!

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The stray pregnant cat I found is not drinking any water. I'm guessing she's in her last week of pregnancy but she hasn't drunk and today is the 3rd day. Right now she is laying in the nest I made her with her tongue hanging out. I think she may be dehydrated... but I'm not sure. When she sleeps, her tongue hangs out but when she is awake, she is burrowing around in her nest frantically and then she eats. She eats a lot but doesn't enjoy drinking. Would wet food help?
I also haven't felt any babies at all since I've had her, but her stomach is firm and she is most definitely pregnant as she is leaking milk. Is this a bad sign?
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I'm really worried for her... from the research I've been doing, she should be drinking more, eating more, and nesting. She appears to be nesting and eating, but the drinking is off. And no movement.
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I would suggest going to the vet. At least they can give her fluids to rehydrate her. They can also tell you if anything is wrong. Thats the only advice I can give,sorry. I hope she gets better!

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Just gave birth to a stillborn black kitten, still in labor now.
This happened about 10 minutes ago
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Oh no, I hope the rest of the kittens are ok. Any updates?
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Let us know how she is doing!
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Oh dear, poor thing. Keep us posted please!
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Have you tried, maybe, putting a bit of water in with her dry food, to make it a bit soupy, I guess, then even if she eats the food she's be getting some fluids. I had to do that with a preg foster dog we had while she was in labor. Good luck!

Edited to add-I just read the post and I'm sorry to hear about the stillborn kitty. I hope everything else goes/went smoothly.
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I wish I'd thought of the water in her food bowl...

Not such good news. She had 3 more stillborn kittens (2 black, 1 grey) and then had a very small black kitten, way smaller than the 4 stillborns. Tanya (the mother) became unresponsive so I rushed her and the kitten to the emergency vet. Tanya was very malnourished they said and the kitten and her were kept overnight. Sadly, they told me the kitten died later on that night, and Tanya is home with me now recovering.

Now I know why it's so important to spay. Things can go terribly wrong. My tabby gets spayed in 5 more days.
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I'm so sorry to hear that That is sooo sad. I hope momma cat recovers ok.
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That's SO sad =0( I hope she has a good recovery, poor baby =0(
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Oh darn, I was hoping it was better news! I went through something very similar with a foster cat. It really is important to spay them. I am so sorry you had to go through this and I hope momma recovers fast.
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Thanks everyone. It's so sad when 5 kittens turn up dead. Tanya is home with me... she mostly sleeps and doesn't eat much but if she doesn't improve in by Monday, I'm supposed to bring her back to the veterinarian. I'm just happy she didn't die too!

And guess what, I may be officially cursed. No lie: I just located another pregnant stray who was under my porch. She is an orange tabby and I scheduled an appointment for her to be seen this Thursday. She appears middle aged, and HUGE.

I can't believe I found another pregnant stray. I don't want the same thing to happen as it did with Tanya. Ugh, I am so frustrated!
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I gave the pregnant stray to a good friend of mine
and my cat, Minnie, is now spayed. Just something I thought everyone would be interested in knowing. She got home about an hour ago, a bit woozy and sleeping. She should be fine by next week.

And Tanya is a lot better. Another friend of mine is going to take her in as a permanent pet tomorrow morning.
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