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I love my cat and I want to keep her. Please help me!

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Hey, everyone. Please hear me out before you direct me to the "Inappropriate peeing problems" sticky. I've been there already.

Alrighty then:

I have two wonderful cats, Kyoko and Majin. So wonderful, in fact, that I took them with me to college in Ft. Lauderdale where I share an apartment with my roommate Richard. We've been living here for about a month and a half now. Both my cats like Richard and have settled into their new home without a problem until just recently.

This past week Kyoko's been peeing all over everything Richard owns including his clothes and bed. And we can't seem to get her to stop..

Now, I've heard that cats often try masking trace odors from strange people and animals by peeing on the offending objects. But if that were the case, would my cat still absolutely love Richard? She always seeks him out for attention and displays all the kitty love signs when he responds to her. She really does adore him and is constantly at his side so I don't think she's offended by his scent.. So we're confused.

Something's obviously got to be done or Richard will either smell like Kyoko pee forever or kick her out of the apartment. She has nowhere else to go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I would first take her to the vet to rule out anything physical. Have you changed litters or moved the box. I am sure someone will come along with more info but like I said, I would first have her checked to r/o any uterine issues or bladdar issues. Good luck.
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IF she is "stress peeing," she is not trying to mask his scent - it is that she finds his scent comforting, and she feels better by mixing her scent with his.

You mention you've read the inappropriate peeing sticky. Does that mean she's already been to the vet and any health problem has been ruled out? The most likely reason for peeing outside the box is health. It is the most effective method cats have to let us know that they are in sick or in pain. Our Spooky pees outside of the box when her teeth hurt - she has very bad plaque problems and (we've discovered) she needs a dental every six months. Has for several years - and she's only 7 years old. She had her first tooth pulled at two years.

There are a million things that could be wrong. If you have not ruled out pain or a health problem, that is the place to start.

In the meantime - how many boxes do you have? If you only have two, add some. Have you tried Feliway? Cat Attract litter? Harp music? Bach's Flower Essences - Rescue Remedy? Are you using an enzyme cleaner to clean up the pee? Are you washing his clothes and the affected bedding with the enzyme cleaner? Many enzyme cleaners require a second application - especially if the problem is a mattress or piece of furniture. You sure you're using it properly? It's not enough to just spray it on the affected area - the affected area must be COMPLETELY soaked. Cat urine wicks, and you have to make sure you get to ALL of it. The best ones are Anti-Icky Poo and Nok-Out: or

In the meantime - he shouldn't leave any clothes out. They should be in a closet, hanging up somewhere, or in a laundry basket that is not out. Buy some large boxes, cut them down, and lay them over the bed when no one's in it.

Any areas on the floor - after cleaning with enzyme cleaner, cover with aluminum foil while they air dry.

If need be, she shoud be confined to one room and litter box retrained. But health issues must be ruled out first.

BTW - are your cats sterilized?
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I am betting that she isn't spayed. Is she in heat? If so, she is claiming him.... as her boyfriend, lol.

If she IS spayed.... I would go to a vet.
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yeah - if she's not spayed, that's (most likely) the problem right there.
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I agree vet check & spaying if either of these things have not been done.

Has he changed anything? If the cat seems to like him, has his schedual changed? Cats are sensitive animals & they can start to pee outside the box if they are unhappy about a change.

2nd I would try Cat Attract cat litter if you haven't already. It is a good litter that works well & my cats love it.

Finally even if it is behavioral a vet will be able to tell you what other ideas might work for your kitty.
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You've already gotten some great advice So I'm just gonna wish you luck, because I love my cats so much and would hate to be separated from them.. so good luck!
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I'm confused about why there is a poll...
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I think it was meant to be a funny way to find out if we're idiots or something. ????
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Ask yourself one question and then answer it honestly. What has this cat stressed out? peeing on soft things generally means not a health issue but a stress issue- that being said however, if the stress continues then it becomes a health issue. Is there an outside cat peeing on your walls or window? have you changed anything in the house recently? here, when I change from the summer bedspread to the winter one, I have a round of territorial peeing for a bit until they adjust to the new smell. it could be something as minor as that, or something even bigger.
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I think she was doing math problems when she was typing up the thread, and got stumped so she decided to up a poll in this thread instead of creating a new thread... just a guess, lol.

Reminds me of "Who Wants To Be A Millionare" when they have the audience do a poll, haha.
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I have seen numerous cats start peeing when they were jealous of a boyfriend, and especially when a boyfriend was allowed to sleep in a bed that the cats were kicked out of.

I have also seen a cat start peeing on a specific person's clothes when it either feared him. (Are you sure he gets along with them when you're gone?)

Most cats will pee also for a few days when they move into a new location, especilly if there is a strong male scent there.

I have seen some cats pee when they were left alone too long and they simply want to make their presence known for fear of abandonment.

Some young kittens will pee simply because they haven't been taught. I knew of one young girl who's mother threatened that she would get rid of the cat if it peed again. The little girl didn't know what to do, so she peed in the cat box herself. Then the cat learned. You might be keeping the box too clean or it might be too high.

I have seen a cat pee on a husband's clothing regularly when he argued with his wife, (protective behaviour) or when he went out running and left his sport clothes and smelly running shoes lying around (sometimes a threatening smell to a male cat, much like urine).

As indepenedant as many people believe cats are, most LOVE nothing in the world more than to be the centre of attention. They feel insecure when there is any other form of male competition around, either human or animal, especially if that male isn't particularly loving toward them.

Both your cat and boyfriend want your attention badly. Each feels he's only getting half of it and that you love the other more. You will either have to learn to balance that out more equally or get rid of one of them.
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This might not be your answer but I thought I would throw it in anyway.
I know you say your cat loves Richard and you can see them get along great but it would only take one time for Richard to punish your cat for doing something and then suffer the consequences of being pee'ed on after that until he gains her trust again.

Doesn't happen much but I've seen it before.

Good Luck!

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