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Question of the Day Sept 12th

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Morning All!!!

Today's question is about hobbies you had as a Child:

When you were a child did you have any hobbies that you really enjoyed?

I started collecting pennies when I was about 8 years old. What got me started with coin collecting was my grandmother had this wooden box full of pennies she had been collecting since she was a child I went through them one day and found pennies dating back to the 1900's. A few days later my dad brought me a penny saver book which between grandma's box and just searching through my own change and anyone else who would let me search I now have a collection starting with a 1900 penny coming forward to today. I actually get excited every year when the new pennies start coming out so I can them to my collection.
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I have done, and still do a lot of crafts. I like to take raw materials and turn them into something that you would not have recognized from the original materials. My Auntie Em business grew out of my youth.

I used to watch my dad do wood working and wouldn't let me use the saws and drills, but I would love to get into that if I had more time.
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great question...
I always collect everything about cats, toys, figures, t-shirts, ceramic ..LOL! but,..When I was child, I made my unique (until now) trip to USA & it was great!...I buy some toys of Star Wars Darth Vader, R2 D2 & c-3po,....I began any time that I can to collect that toys.... Still have it! as well my comic´s of Spider-man!

But now i keep all about Cats, books, images, puzzles, etc....
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Since I was 2 years old I've been showing my Persian & Exotic cats. 17 years later I'm now a breeder (have been for 13 years) and a Longhair judge. Best hobby in the world.
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Not special rocks mind you, just regular rocks. I had boxes & boxes of them...
Gray round rocks...

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hmmmmm. Not really.

I used to pick up and collect rocks.....but that died out.

Maybe reading? Since a young child, I would always read my moms books (never read at my age level, always above)... I guess that was a hobby.

We didn't really have I didn't really have hobbies per se, till I was an adult.
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I collected books by Marguerite Henry; she wrote about horses and what girl doesn't adore horses at some point in her life?
I loved doing crafts as a child, and still do.
I loved playing with my Barbie dolls, and now have a very large doll collection.
I enjoyed hanging out at a greenhouse that was down the street from my folks' house, and now I'm a die-hard gardener.
I guess my main hobby growing up was reading.
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I collected lipsmackers lip balm
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post

Not special rocks mind you, just regular rocks. I had boxes & boxes of them...
Gray round rocks...

LOL, me too! As long as they were pretty I didn't care what kind they were. Around here, you could find a lot of rocks with fossils of shells and they were SO cool.

I got into stamps somewhere around 4th grade and had a huge collection. Everyone I knew saved stamps for me, I went to stamp shows, etc. Of course, they were based on beauty too, not really value. I still have my collection here somewhere....

And anything with horses! I had the whole Marguerite Henry series, the Black Stallion series, posters and pictures everywhere. I belonged to the Junior Quarter Horse Assc, the Arabian Horse Assc, had a collection of model horses and actually was determined to get a horse instead of getting married at one point.

Then I discovered boys.........
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I have loved to sew since I was a little girl. I started sewing as soon as I could reach the pedal (it was a knee operated pedal) on my mom's sewing machine...I must have been 8 or 9 years old. I started sewing doll clothes, the progressed to sewing my own clothes. I made all of my prom dresses, my wedding dress and my bridemaids dresses. I started sewing quilts about 20 years ago. I also volunteered on the costume committee at the local Center For The Arts. I still love to sew, but I don't have nearly as much time for it as I used to. I suspect sewing will be one of my favorite hobbies forever!
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Played with my Barbie and Cabbage Patch kids. I also was into reading The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins series and collected those books.
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I was a bit odd, or at least some of my hobbies/interests were.

4-5 My uncle taught me how to paint with acrylics and helped me improve my drawing abilities more.

5-7 UFOs/aliens. I read everything I could get a hold of. Since my uncle was into sci fi and UFOs he was the one mostly responsible for this. Once I entered kindergarten I kind of pushed it aside since I realized it was weird. The picture and video representation of greys spooked me a bit when I was 5, but not enough to detour me any.

7ish-11 Archeology/anthropology subjects. I actually learned to read a good bit of Mayan hieroglyphs when I was 9.

8-16 Collected a lot of rocks and was very interested in everything relating to geology.

10 to current - Ghosts and hauntings. I moved into a haunted home. That has a way of making one curious/interested in their environment. Either that or afraid of it.

Up until 12 or so I was fascinated with horses, too. Books, figurines, my little ponies, etc. I never played with the dolls given to me, only my horse toys, animals type toys, or when I was younger - cars and planes.

Books. Collecting, not just reading them. Until I was around 10 I refused to read any stories with humans as the primary characters because I couldn't really relate to the characters and was uninterested in their motives/thoughts/feelings. ...I still rather dislike first person for this reason. As a result, at one point I had almost all of the Misty books.

There's a few more. Over the years I've had a few interests that have stayed, others will be very strong for a year or two.
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