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Pic of my sick baby Scrappy and his brother Scooter

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This is the pic of Scrappy, the baby who is so sick with distemper. He's the black one with the white blaze on his nose. The other one is his brother Scooter, who was the first to get sick but recovered in record time. The second pic is of Gateway, the one I lost yesterday to the same disease. We gave Scrappy that name because he is such a scrapper with a strong will to live. He's into his 4th day of this disease but is still hanging on. We can use all the prayers we can get right now for Scrappy. Thanks so much for being so kind and understanding.

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Oh Mary, they are so lovely, kisses and purrs to them both!
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We just got back from our daily trip to our blessed vet, Dr. Stone. Scrappy is still vomiting but was up walking around in one of the bathrooms where I am keeping him. He was also more active when they were sticking him with those needles for the fluid and antibiotics! So I'm trying to take this as a good sign. I've read that this disease can run anywhere from 2-14 days with a week being the norm, usually not more than that. He still has 3 more days to get through before he has his week. I asked Dr. Stone about giving him an injection to combat the vomiting, but he says that they can be dangerous to kittens, and especially when he is still so sick. I'm really scared for the weekend to get here because he won't be able to get any fluids on Sun. I can get him there on Sat., but he'll be going a whole day and a half without his fluid injections. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I read about your babies.....The pics were so adorable. How are they doing now? Kisses for them........

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Mary, can you see if there is another vet who will give the Sunday injection? There must be an emergency vet clinic, at least, if not some kind-hearted soul who will help out. If not, can they show you how to do it, so you can give the fluids at home?

Will keep you and the kitties in my prayers...
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I had asked Dr. Stone the other day if I could give them to him at home and he was going to show me how, but then decided he would do it and not charge me for the fluids, just the antibiotics and blood work. I think he was afraid that I might accidently hurt Scrappy or someone else, probably me! Since the weekend is coming, I'll see (again) if I can get him to show me how or maybe to refer us to another vet.
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Sorry about that.....I guess I'm losing it in my old age. I meant "13" cats! Since I now have 4.....plus 2 dogs. If I don't slow down, I"ll soon be catching up! We have 2 that we've had for several years now besides the 2 babies.
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I just read your profile and saw that you are into astrology and tarot. I'm also interested in those myself but don't have a clue as to how to read tarot. I've had it done a couple of times, but never learned how.
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I would ask your vet to show you how to give subcu fluids. It is an important skill to have, especially if you are dealing with distemper. The fact that your kitten has survived 4 days of it speaks well of the care you and the vet are giving Scrappy. It is rougher on the younger ones, the older cats have the better odds. I had a momcat here one year who got distemper in utero. She had 4 kittens, one died and the other three were a struggle to get through the disease. One kitten was brain damaged, the other blind, so as I said, the fact that Scrappy is still here and doing okay speaks well of his spirit and yours.

Giving the fluids could mean a great difference to him should something happen. I would ask Dr. Stone to show you how it is done, my vet also gave me a video on how to do it that he had made in his training days.

Best of luck with this-
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I will ask him again to show me how. A video would be a great tool to have, but he hasn't said anything about having one. If all else fails, I'll have him refer me to another one who maybe has weekend hours without wanting my firstborn! When I took the black/white one (the one who died) to the emergency clinic Tues about 5 a.m. I think I really knew it was already too late for him. He was limp and lifeless and the towel he was laying on was soaking wet but I had to at least try. In the 10 min. we were there, they charged me $229 to give him an IV and then told me it was useless and I should let them euthanize him. I know that at a time like this, the cost shouldn't be that important, but we just don't have unlimited funds and I don't see how I can take Scrappy there for the subcu fluid on Sunday. Hopefully it won't come to that and he will be more improved by then. It will be a week Mon. since he first showed signs of being sick. I guess its just a wait and see thing right now.
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Originally posted by shadoww
I'm really scared for the weekend to get here because he won't be able to get any fluids on Sun. I can get him there on Sat., but he'll be going a whole day and a half without his fluid injections. Keeping my fingers crossed.
First, I want to say I just read both of your threads about these kittens, and I am so sorry about your loss of Gateway.

I read in your other thread about how fantastic your vet is. Is it possible for you to make arrangements for the vet to meet you at the clinic on Sunday to administer the fluid injection??? Or would he be willing to make a house call on Sunday???

The vets at the clinic I use are willing to do things like this, and I wanted to mention it just in case it is also a possibility for you.

Good luck with Scrappy!
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Hi, thanks for the reply. We need all the good wishes we can get. I just spent a few minutes with Scrappy in the bathroom and he was moving around a bit more. When I picked him up, he looked me in the eye and then reached up and patted me on the nose with his paw. I really want to take these as good signs.

I will ask Dr. Stone if he would consider coming in on Sun. to give him his injection or maybe one of the girls in the office. They give it to him some of the time anyway. If he keeps on improving, we may not even need the therapy Sun. I'm praying we won't. Picture of Scrappy taken this evening below.

Thanks so much,

P.S. Lori, that photo of Snowball is beautiful. What a gorgeous kitty!!
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Awww... all three of the kittens are so cute. I'm sorry you lost Gateway.

I'm keeping Scrappy in my thoughts. I do hope he gets better soon.
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here is a link that might give you some idea, but if your vet can get on the internet, I would give him this link and ask him to check it as well

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I just posted on your other thread but I have to just add here what a brilliant job I think you're doing with your little ones, you are officially a kitty angel!

If I were you, I'd take Hissy's advice, get the vet to show you how to administer the injections, it's not going to hurt and at least you won't feel so helpless, you'll feel more "armed"!

By the way thanks very much about asking after my lot, they're doing well, getting round bellies and feisty personalities!

All the luck in the world to you.
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