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My new kitten

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This is my new kitten, an F4 male Savannah. We will get delivery week of October 19th. Different color, but that's what I was looking for. This will be my second Savannah from A1Savannahs. Need to come up with his name.

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Congrats on the new kitten.
Are you going to show him?
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No intentions at this time...but you never know.
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cute! cute! cute! wanna give him a big
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Awwwww..... so tiny..... not for long !!!
Can you show Savannahs?
Congrats Michael!!!
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He is gorgeous Micheal.
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he's cute! Love the blue eyes too.
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Haha, how precious is he?!?! What a handsome little guy he is.
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Imagine that teeny tiny mewling little baby is going to grow into a beautiful sleek cat! He's precious!!!!
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Look at those tiny little round ears!
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Here he is at 7 weeks old. We will be getting him on October 20th...exciting!

Thank you for looking
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He is a handsome fella
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What's his color?

Name - Aerial Warrior
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He's gorgeous and his colour is edible, I'm sure!
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Stunning little fella!! Is this a Savannah? I'm trying to remember what you said you were getting.
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Yes, he is a Savannah. I don't know what you would call his color. I'll have to ask the breeder.
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Wow, he has such an amazing face. I love his expressions. He is so handsome and adorable at the same time. I also really like his pale coloring. Striking! Any ideas for his name yet?
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Hi Michael -

I thought you'd like to see this post... I know you just adopted a little guy..... but maybe one more???
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Do they ship? I live in Connecticut and they are in California. I would help anyway I can but they are very far away.
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Love those poses! Americas Next Top Kitty! He's really adorable! Seems to like having his pic taken too!
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see the angles? the moves? the poses? THIS IS Americas Next Top Kitty! Actually-he's absolutely georgeous and will be even more so as he (or she) grows. God Bless, Good-luck, & have fun with the little one-they grow up way too quickly! (my human children did) AND SOME OF THEM-well ya NEVER stop cleaning up after THEIR messes!;{}
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Congratulations on your gorgeous new furbaby!!!
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