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Meet Smokey

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I think I have a new friend. Our little feral cat Stormy brings around new friends once in a while, thankfully this time it was a cat (last time it was a baby opossum!). I call him Smokey Robinson cause he's the color of dark grey smoke and he always sings for his supper. He's a timid little thing but handsome and I think he's a sweetie. My mom has only caught a glimpse of him. So far he's only let me get close when I have food in my hand and the whole time he "sings" and calls to me and his tail does the cutest little curly-cue thing! Tonight he touched my hand with his nose but shied away when I made to pet him so I didn't push my luck.

No collar, so not sure about an owner, haven't seen him in a while so maybe someone was keeping him inside? But he looks thinner than the last time I saw him.

(sigh) I know I shouldn't get attached (we already have 4 cats) but Stormy hasn't had a "boyfriend" since our sweet Tigger disappeared. The whole neighborhood loved that cat and it was because of him that I found Stormy and rescued her kittens and got her fixed before she had anymore. Tigger used to howl at the door till we put the food out and then sit there and guard Stormy while she ate her fill. I always say I won't get attached and then they look at me and that promise goes out the window. Oh well, if Smokey doesn't have a home and he calms down enough to let people touch him and hold him I'll see that he gets a great home somewhere.

I'll see if I can get you guys a picture of my elusive serenader soon.
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Good luck for Smokey and may he stay safe.
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Ooooh Smokey sounds like such a lil hearthrob love the the tail curling too! Me thinks he will definitely be back since he actually touched his nose to your hand this is a good sign that he is starting to trust you!

I know what you mean about getting attached, it's so hard to resist them!
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Many many years ago my mother also had a feral come around that we named Smokey. She lives in a really rural area, so he could have been somebody's cast off, or a true feral, we never knew. He was very very thin, wounded and sick, and it took us a while to get him to trust us, but after he started letting us take care of him he became one of the best cats we ever had.

He was the perfect shade of grey that made him invisible in morning fog. He was a fantastic hunter (full grown rabbits on the doorstep!) He was long-haired, and so soft, with bright yellow eyes. But most of all, the reason my mom loved him most was because he let my special needs brother climb and lay all over him, even let him pull the ears and the tail and NEVER hissed or used his claws. He was a very special kitty and we were all very sad when Smokey passed from an infection from being on the wrong side of a hawk's talons.

I hope your Smokey becomes just as loving and sweet as ours was, but finds a much more peaceful life. best of luck and for the little sweetheart.
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