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Confessions of a kitten feeder

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Well, it's been 3 1/2 days since Misty and my two heroes came home.
I was so worried at first you know, I wanted so much Misty to love and care for her little ones that when the vet told me it wasn't going to happen, a part of me really really went hollow. I didn't think badly of her, it's easy to understand after all the trauma of the c-section and after having her kittens in a cold strange place without her mummy. She obviously wanted to have them with me at home, following me wherever I went, crying if I was even in another room. The vet was so negative about this,said Misty would have to be kept away from them as she just didn't want to know and may do them harm out of jealousy.
So we started the hand rearing. Misty ofcourse, many of you know, took just 1 hour to do a complete turnaround and become No.1 Mum, suckiling them, stimulating their little butts and cleaning and cuddling. Sometimes she just lays in her box with the two of them, her paws wrapped round them, purring. God I love seeing that!!!

We were told to carry of supplementing her milk as they weren't sure how much she had.

The first night I was really hardcore (so I thought) and didn't try to take any naps, just prepared the feed, fed them, changed hot water bottles and watched them, and posted here, in between. The next day I was shattered SHATTERED, but happy, the kittens were obviously doing well, suckling well and then getting extra from us. I started weighing them and already their little bellies looked fuller, their coats more sleek.
I had fooled myself though that I could sleep during the day, which is absolute rubbish ofcourse because the 2 hourly feeds continue and then there's Misty to cuddle and Stevie (so as he doesn't feel left out) to cuddle and play with.

The next night, I tried to be a little more realistic. My boyfriend helped, bless him and took the 11pm and 1am feeds, so that I could sleep more. The I took over.
Problem is I've discovered you don't really sleep when you nap in between feeds, I found myself just daydreaming about the kittens and about what I had to do when morning actually came.

I'd get up, say 3 am or 5am after that, zombie like go into the kitchen, prepare the feed, waiting for the water to just about reach boiling point, like a living dead, I don't actually know how I mamaged to tell the moment to stop the water boiling, because I couldn't really see...my eyes were mostly shut.

But then I'd walk into the room, settle down, pick up a baby and suddenly, I'm awake again. The joy of seeing them wriggle and thrive, when they were so listless when we brought them home, wakes up my heart and I love every minute of the feed. Misty is attentive, but she trusts me and usually purrs, I think she's used to the routine now.

Last night (my third) was alot easier, I think my body's getting used to powernapping! I'm still shattered this morning but I feel good.

We're going to the vet's today for a check up and I'm going to ask whether we need to supplement quite so often, the little ones are getting harder and harder to feed, I think they need it less and less, maybe Misty's milk is coming in good now? And they never take everything. Their weight has been increasing daily and now they're quite plump and visably bigger, especially eenie.

I will post some more pics of them soon.

Stevie has now been 'done' so I have two adult-babies post operative who feel sorry for themselves and need loads of love!!!

I feel contented and happy, I shudder to remember the weekend and Monday but after all the stress everything is working out fine.

Happy happy thoughts.

By the way, sorry about the length, but I just had to get my thoughts down!!!LOL
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Sounds like you're doing a great job linka. I know that baby kittens do need to eat often, so you may have to keep up on those feedings for awhile... at least you're getting used to the powernaps. I'm sure someone here will be able to tell you how often is normal and for how long.

I don't know how you do it though. When I first brought Spike home, at 8 weeks of age, I barely slept at all. Not for two solid weeks. Little guy was into EVERYTHING.

So just think, after having to hand-feed them, etc, you get weeks and weeks of kitten crazies!!! And you have two, instead of one!! Yay!!

I'm not making this better, am I?

But really, it sounds like you're doing a really good job with the babies.
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Nah Jenn, cheers, it's all fine. I love it really,(LOL) it's all worth it, every unslept night, just to see them blossoming.

I love watching them grow

I just want Misty's milk there so that she can have the pleasure of feeding them up all by herself, in a weird way I feel like she knows that she hasn't got enough and SHE deserves all the credit so I want her to have all the confidence of rearing them!
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Linka, it sounds like to me that the babies and Misty are very lucky to have a kitty-mum like you . I'm very glad they have you to care for them. Keep us posted on the progress and PICTURES PLEASE!!!
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Well, we've come back from our check up and the vet is VERY pleased with Misty and the little ones, he was humble even, when I ren=minded him that his prediction was that Misty would not take to the kittens at all. A humble vet, lol, what a thing to see!!!!
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Linka, I am so happy to hear things are going well for you and the kitties. Congratulations once again!

Now go take a nap!
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i'm happy to hear the family is doing so well. sometimes the professionals don't know best. looking forward to pics, and i hope you get some rest, too.
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Hurray for Misty! You should be able to skip every other feeding and allow misty to gradually build up her milk supply. The kitties body will follow the output, so the more you suppliment the less milk she will produce. Make sure she has some of the kitten milk to drink herself as it will help give her more milk herself. She should also be given Kitten food as it is more nutritious and will give her extras to make her milk even better. After a week or so she should take over all the feedings herself.
Great job! Keep us updated!
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Hi all,

Well I have had a nice nap this afternoon, thank you all! We're giving the kittens less each feed now, and they're suckling well, I have begun to give Misty some of the formula and she loves it!!
She is still on kitten food, has been since her 5th week of pregnancy and she also loves that so at least I have no trouble with that!!!
I'll get some pics sorted for their 1 week birthday!!!!!!!
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awwww sounds like everything is going good!! Can't wait to see more pics!
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You might want to also try her on Kitten Glop- most nursing moms love this concoction. Our Hell603 posted it long ago, and it has been a lifesaver!

1 envelope Knox unflavored gelatin
1 12 oz can goat's milk
3 tablespoons plain yogurt
3 teaspoons clear karo syrup
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 egg (optional)

Boil water, mix in gelatin. Add other ingredients and mix with beater or blender. Serve warm or chilled.

They do prefer it warmed over chilled though.

You did a great job with your cat and kittens!
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Congrats Hon! I'm so glad to hear that the kittens are thriving and Mommy is doing good too! Now, you just need to take care of Grandma (YOU!). Hate to see you getting sick over all of this! Take care of yourself and those precious little ones!
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I'm looking foward to the pictures!
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