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Quality time with MIL

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Last week, MIL showed me a receipe that looked just yummy, kind of like a linguinie lasangna layered with sliced tomatos, slices zucchini with rociatta cheese and mozerella plus spices, onions and garlic. Yesterday she went out and bought all the ingredients so last night I went up to her house (just up the road) to help her with it. And, I really had a good time!

My MIL and I get along great, and we usually help each other with meals, but this is the first time we ever really "experimented" together. Usually it's either her recipes or mine, but this was really fun! And, it turned out great!! The only changes I would make next time is angel hair pasta instead of linginie and use more garlic.

We're thinking about getting together every few weeks and trying a new receipe. We even talked about taking a cooking class together. I'm going to try a few website later and see what I can find. I just thought it was so cool, and had to share. (I apologize for my spelling....why is good food so hard to spell?? )
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It is wonderful that you get along so well.
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how nice! Sounds like a really yummy recipe!
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