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Spooky's back, he's met Marlow

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I heard a small tussle on my back deck a little while ago. I looked out and Marlow was eye to eye with Spooky. Spooky is an all black cat probebly about two years old. I had not seen him here since last winter. I don't know if he belongs to someone or not. I saw him at our house only a few times. He is a very good looking cat. I am only assuming he is a boy.

Anyway, when I look out the door, Marlow is standing straight, ears up and tail swept back. Spooky is low with ears down and pointing straight back. When the hissing started I opened the door and Spooky turned and ran. Marlow is in pursuit, his tail now all fluffy. They run around the corner of the house and I hear what sounds like brief contact. Then they run to the tree line of my woodlot and Spooky runs up a big maple. I got my camera and went down to get a shot of Spooky up the tree. Marlow was guarding the base of the tree. He moved off as I neared.

Marlow is defending his turf. Ironicly I wanted to TNR Spooky when I named him last winter. Had I succeeded then, Spooky may have been defending HIS turf when Marlow showed up in May.

I'm certain now that Marlow loves his new home enough to fight for it. I only wish we could all just get along.
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I've been reading all about Marlowe and am so happy for him and for you and Becky. Now I will be worried about Smokey, is there anyone else around who can help care for him?
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When I first saw Spooky last fall he was looking in our patio door. My Sasha saw him first. When I approached the door he ran off. He was not so big then but very good looking. I didn't see him again til mid winter. He came by when it was cold out. I remember because I worried about him being exposed. He ran off again. I saw him in the early and mid spring at a horse pasture about a half mile away (on the other side of a very busy highway intersection). Then again yesterday evening.

He has not eaten here that we know of. Marlow almost always eats every bit of of food we put out when it is put out. He is ALWAYS here at feeding time. He probebly does this to discourage interlopers like Spooky and the raccoon we have been seeing. Becky, my wife, is going to name the coon if I don't get rid of him soon. The coon was also here again last night.

Spooky is a very strong and good looking boy (I assume boy). How ever he is getting by, whether he has a home with food or on his own, he is obviously very successful. I won't worry about him as I did last winter. He is bigger and stronger now. Never the less I will help him given the chance. He will need to let me know he is around. Marlow won't make that easy I presume.

I am reasonably sure he needs to be neutered because of his range. Given the oppertunity I will get him, or any other cat who comes around, fixed. Whether they have a home somewhere or not.

I have been looking for people who would like to take on a "project" cat knowing full well tht such a project will come along. It's difficult to explain the rewards that come with such a project. Alot of people see compassion as a weakness. The current healthcare debate is a good example. In a pinch I will turn to this site for help.
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As for the photo of Spooky up in the tree, he is not as forlorn as it appears. As I mentioned he is a formidable creature.
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Thanks for the information on Spooky. I hate to think of him crossing that busy road. It's amazing how they survive but life is so much easier for them when they have caretakers who look out for them and their needs.
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