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That's great news! I hope things continue to improve. Anne, stay in bed and read some more books! Let us know what the doctor says on Wednesday. You're still in my prayers.

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Anne we miss you but take care of yourself! You presence is definitely absent lately!!! Our prayers are with you. Please keep us updated and let us know if there is anything we can do!!!!
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Alpha - that was a great update - I am thinking about all of you and prayng for continued good news -Meow to you all.......
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Anne and Alpha; Prayers and Love!

We will be thinking of you on Wednesday(Tuesday our side of the World)when you go for the Ultra Sound.

It means so very much to ALL if us that you care enough to share this personal moment with us. . . .

I have recently had some answers to prayers that have improved my mood tremendously; so we know that now, and forever; God hears us!!!! :angel2:

Love ya, TLK and her 6=^.".^='s
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Dear Alpha,

Good news, so far. I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed to hear more good news from the doctor on Wednesday. Tell Anne that we all miss her very much, and that things just aren't the same around here without her.

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Thank you, very much, for the update on Anne. I'm thrilled she's doing better! Please give her my love; and best wishes to you all.

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Alpha: It's great to hear some good news! I miss having Anne around here, and I hope she can come back soon!
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I hope that Anne will be feeling better soon. Thanks for the update and I send my purrs!
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Anne....we sure all do miss you...and are all praying for you and the baby....I can't wait till you are well enough to join us again!!! It is too bad that we don't all live close enough so we can throw you a baby shower!!! But at least we can throw you an online baby shower!!!

We love you!!!!!
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Thank you for the update on Anne - please let her know my thoughts are with her and I am sending light to your family.
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Anne, we are all thinking about you and missing you a lot!
Alpha, please tell Annes that I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope to God everything is OK.
Things are not the same without her here
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I just realized you posted an update on Anne. I'm glad to hear that there has been no more bleeding. We do miss her alot and have been thinking about you both alot. Please keep us posted.

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Get the big time prayers and karma going for Anne. She sees the doctor on Wednesday, whenever that may be in her part of the world!
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My prayers and thoughts are with her!! I can't wait to get an update on how she is doing!!!!!
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