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please I want my baby girl back

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I have three cats, Two male ragdolls ( Tibbi and Salem) and a female stray which we have adopted (Kitty). We have never had any issues with Kitty before. She was introduced into the household about 2 years ago. No problems getting along with the two boys. She is the most affectionate cat I have ever known. She lets my 3 year old carry her around the house and it doesn't seem to phase her at all.
But all that changed about two months ago. I was pregnant at the time and my son had bought a stuffed tiger to give to the baby when it was born. When Kitty saw the stuffed toy she jumped a mile high and totally freaked out. She did not hiss at it or try to attack it, she just cowered petrified in the corner of the room. We managed to put her outside to calm herself down but now whenever we get her inside she sneaks around very scared looking for the tiger. She jumps at any sudden movements we make and I am scared to let my son near her.
Please can someone explain why she is acting this way and how I can help her get over her fear. I desperately want my baby girl back.
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Does she respond to catnip? You might try getting her mellowed out on the catnip, and then rubbing it on the tiger. I'm assuming it would hurt your son's feelings to not be able to give the tiger to the baby. Feliway diffusers also are supposed to help a lot in the calming of stressed animals.
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I suggest, that if you haven't, get rid of the tiger. Poor little thing, who knows what happened to her, to make her so frightened.

Get some Feliway plug in diffusers, and some rescue remedy. Keep her inside, so the feliway has a chance to help her.

If there is no improvement in a month, with the feliway and rescue remedy, I would recommend a trip to the vet and a short term of medication (amitriptyline) to help her get over her fright.

You could, of course, start with medication, but I know most people would rather try less drastic measures first.

Amitriptyline (elavil) is commonly prescribed for cats with stress behaviors and anxiety problems. The cat is usually on it for a minimum of three months, and then gradually weaned off.

Welcome to the forum and please keep us updated on Kitty!
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Could something have happened that the tiger reminds her of being attacked by a cat that looks like that!?!? Id get rid of the stuffed toy to see if that helps at all...*My cat Hercules doesnt like cows...and most of this is because of the farm next to my mothers had a cow get loose once and it wandered to the kittens....*
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