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Does your cat snore?????

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Just a question for ya'll.....lol. Anyone know if their cat snores or not? You know that saying that animals turn into their owners/owners turn into their animals? Well this is definetly true! Shorty is my Mom's cat, and they both snore like the dickens!!! lol At least with Shorty, you can kind of move her, or turn the tv up to drown her out...with mom, you can't do that..she just gets louder! lol
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Nope, Spike doesn't snore. He does on occasion sigh this sweet little sigh though... makes my heart melt. :
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Toes snores all the time and you have to prod him pretty good to get him to stop. He likes to sleep under the head of my bed where I can't get to him and then he snores, and loud!, so I have to stretch and reach out and grab any body part I can reach and gently pull at it a few times to get him to stop.
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Our senior cat snores on occasion. Everyone who has snoring kitties means they are totally content in their surroundings and they will let their guard down for a little bit to go in a deep sleep. Yeah, for happy kitties!
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Max does not snore, but when he is going to sleep at night his purr will be really loud and then it sputters like an engine going bad and then he is silent (he has fallen to sleep). I think it is so funny!
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JC snores, but it's not too loud. The last dog we had snored even louder than my husband does, and since his basket was right beside my side of the bed, I would get it in stereo. JC sleeps at the foot of the bed, so it doesn't disturb us at all.
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Yup, both Tybalt and MAddie snores. Tybalt is the loudest. Sometimes I cannot tell if it is my boyfriend or him. Maddie does little sigh snores which are sooo cute. When she exhales during her sleep, a little flab of her mouth inflates. This is hard to put into words, but it's so cute

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neo snores so cute!!
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hehehe....we have some pretty cute kitties! lol Especially when they are all sleeping! I notice Shorty snores when she is sleeping under the computer on "her" blanket and you can hear it pretty good!
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My 18 pound male siamese does!
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I really have no idea if either one of our kitties snore or not..
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Sammycat snores like a buzzsaw.

He gets so loud some times that he will wake me up at night(i'm a lite sleeper though). Oscar snores on occassions and then it is the dueling snores going on in the bedroom to see who can do it the loudest. Some nights no sleep for me
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Peaches snores. She snorts a lot too. Anyone else with Persians find this? I figured it was because of her cute little squishy face that I love so much! Oooooo... I gotta go kiss those big cheeks and that cute squishy face RIGHT NOW!

Tammie & Peaches
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Yes, i heard all my three kitties snored before. Just about an hour ago, i was reading whilst Isys was sleeping in the cave bed. She was snoring as well. Teehee!! Music to my ears, i tell ya! Teehee!!

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